Mapping Brand Loyalty

The brands we choose reflect how we see ourselves
Each day we make thousands of conscious and sub-concussion decisions about the brands we wish to include in our lives. Our choice of which brands we choose to connect-with is often a reflection of how we see ourselves and how we wish the world to see us. Some of these brand associates are more overt than others, but when mapped as a whole they create a sense of personal brand identity. ‘Brand Mapping’ as we call it forms part of the Insights process we use on our commercial projects. Brand mapping helps us to immerse our thinking into the lives of target markets our clients’ brands wish to connect with truly and deeply.

Here’s my brand map for Monday 03 August. Try creating your own brand map, or have some of your closest clients and customers track theirs – the results are guaranteed to be interesting. Send us your maps, we’d love to see them too.


Brand Map 03 August 2009

Brand Map 03 August 2009


  1. Hi Dom, Yep, I kept a diary for the day. Until I started tracking it, I had no idea that I made so many brand decisions each day – amazing how much of this is sub-conscious, yet the decisions themselves are so complex and layered with so much emotional meaning.
    The iPhone probably gets even less workout than most people’s mobiles – except mine’s also my bedside/alarm clock.
    You should track your brand usage and let us know how you compare.

  2. Wow that is amazing – I heard somewhere that the brand Apple aims to be I peoples lives 1440 minutes of everyday – David you would be up there in your contact hours with Apple. What a great example of this statement.

  3. Tim, we all know Apple to be leaders in brand thinking. When you consider the way the iPod and the iPhone have changed the way people interact with technology and given us more reasons to use it more often, all of a sudden the 1440 minutes goal starts to look feasible. They certainly own more minutes in my day than any other single brand. Any idea which brand owns most of your minutes?

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