Introducing the new brand and packaging for TOM Organic

We are proud to launch the new brand identity and packaging for TOM Organic.

The first and only range of feminine hygiene products accredited by the Australian Certified Organic organisation, all TOM products are 100% biodegradable, made entirely from organic cotton and free from chemicals, bleaches and synthetics. Previously only available in selected independent stores, our brand development work has helped TOM secure distribution in national retailers including Woolworths and Chemist Warehouse. The new packaging is on shelves this week.

Working closely with founder Aimee Marks, our strategy and design teams defined and brought to life the genuine ‘eco-chic’ cred, spirit and personality of TOM. Through a brand definition process, re-tweak of the TOM brand identity and a fresh packaging design story, we have transformed TOM’s on shelf presence into a glowing, confident brand.

The visual language of the packaging design is further supported by layers of evocative brand story telling that illustrates Aimee’s commitment to walking the talk as the category’s leader in environmental sustainability.

“The visual cues of the packaging design combine a stylish, contemporary femininity, a healthy dose of interest and intrigue with a secondary visual language of eco-sustainability. The result is a range of fresh packaging that not only stands-out in the feminine hygiene category, but connects with TOM’s traditional audience, whilst attracting a new, broader set of customers,” says David Ansett, Chief Creator of Brands, Truly Deeply.

A series of illustrations were crafted specifically for the packaging by Sydney-based artist Sarah Carter-Jenkins. The TOM range has been extended to six products Mini, Regular and Super tampons, day and night pads and liners, each featuring a unique colour and illustration design that together create a strong story on-shelf.


“I was looking to work with a team who were equally as engaged with strategy – as they were with design. Truly Deeply presented the perfect team balance and a deep understanding of not only the TOM visual design journey but also the strategic business pathway,” says Aimee Marks, Founder, TOM Organic.

“It has been an outstanding and highly enjoyable experience to work with the Truly Deeply team. They have displayed superior authenticity and an impressive ability to engage with and re-interpret our brand to take it to unforeseen territories,” she concluded.

If you would like to know how we can reinvigorate your brand, why not give us a call?

Michael Hughes
Director of Brand Strategy


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