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Despite our greatest efforts, not all brands are born perfect.
For many businesses there can be a host of reasons why a new brand launch falls short of the vision of what it could be. From commercial pressures to lack of board buy-in, from insufficient budget to lack of internal leadership, the reality is that what goes to market is usually a somewhat compromised version of the dream brand. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the brand story, as our client Bounce have shown with the recent launch of their new Freerun Terrain Park in Glen Iris.

During the brand visioning phase of the initial project for Bounce we shared some video we found of an indoor parkour training facility in the US. As the five Bounce founders watched the footage of a built urban environment with parkour athletes leaping, bouncing and tumbling off walls, beams, and every other surface, the vision for what a trampoline facility could be was borne.

As we worked together on realising that vision, the compromises that go hand in hand with launching the first of anything new and grand slowly whittled some of the exciting, unique and defining edges off the picture we shared. As brand launches go, Bounce was one of the most successful we’ve ever been a part of. The product they launched created a new category and revolutionized school holidays, weekends and kids birthday parties. Bounce are seen globally as the innovative leaders in their category and if the number of imitators is any measure – they have created something truly noteworthy.

The best brands keep pushing
For many businesses that would be end of the story as far as brand development is concerned. With a mass of local and international opportunities for expansion and a growing chain of successful trampoline facilities around the country to run, who could have blamed Bounce for resting on their brand laurels. But that’s not in the Bounce DNA – they are a business with a real hunger to be the best they can be and the constantly strive to leave their competitors in their dust.

The launch of the new Bounce Freerun has realised the original vision for the brand. Not only is the space the next generation of indoor trampoline/adventure playgrounds, it raises the level of brand proof-point that connects the promise made by the brand imagery and communications. When the brand identity and comms tells the market that Bounce is the best of category, the experience now truly lives-up to that promise.

Kudos to the guys at Bounce for staying true to the brand vision and leaving no stone un-turned in their quest to deliver the dream.

Pics of the new Bounce Free Run below courtesy of Bounce.
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