Instagram for Brands – A few Useful Facts

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Brands can no longer be questioning ‘should I use social media?’, but ‘how should I be better using social media?’

The times have well and truly changed, and any brand not already leveraging Social as part of their digital marketing strategy is falling further behind their competition. As all consumers (B2C and B2B) are increasing the number of brands they are considering for every significant purchase decision, every business must be doing all they can to identify the channels and ensure they have a brand play in the places most likely to get them included in that consideration set.

For a whole raft of categories including fashion, travel, food & beverage and hospitality, Instagram is the predominant Social platform. The photographic nature of the platform lends itself naturally to any brand whose visual imagery provides an evocative selling advantage. And with the latest Instagram update slowly bringing a deeper set of analytics, we are seeing how closely linked Instagram engagement is to online conversion and other indicators of intent to purchase.

For any brand not currently utilizing Instagram, we recommend you take the following course of Instagram Marketing 101 from the folks at and the University of Truly Deeply and launch yourself into this Social Marketing platform.

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Check-out the original infographic at with all 139 Facts about Instagram here.

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