#wegetyou – a Campaign speaking the language of Gen Viz

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Gen Viz speak their own (very visual) language.

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, is a US nonprofit dedicated to reducing substance abuse among adolescents. In 2015 they developed this campaign to raise awareness of what they do and connection with their audience. Yes the campaign creative leverages the language of emojis, but more importantly than that, it taps into the visual communication that is such a big part of what defines this generation.

The Future Lab recently coined the term; Gen Viz for this current teenage generation generation:

Teenagers have created a visual-first culture through live streaming, virtual environments and gaming, ignoring those who don’t speak their language. Their hacker mindset means that they don’t take direction from brands, but create their own aesthetics using ephemeral and interactive campaigns.

They are a politically driven generation who have learned that the democratic power of the web and social networks is their greatest advantage, and are drawn to brands who are not afraid to take a stand.

So here we are, branding specialists and clients alike, on the wrong side of 20 attempting to build relationships between brands and this new generation by using more-or-less the same language as we’ve used to previous generations of teenagers. As the trend suggests and this smart campaign verifies, this generation of teens demand a far more visual approach to messaging than any before it. The challenge for brands and branding agencies alike is to understand this and change our tune.

London – LS:N Global journalist Maks Mickiewicz discusses Gen Viz, as part of a 2016 Trend Briefing.

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