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As a fan of science fiction and fantasy movies, I’m really excited about the upcoming release of Wonder Woman on June 2. It’s the first super hero movie with a female in the lead role and comes with a lot of speculation around how successful Wonder Woman will be with the genre’s audiences, given that the majority of these are male.

Personally, I feel the critics are underestimating the appeal Wonder Woman will have with the wider female audience, as many of my girlfriends are keen to see the movie, simply because she’s the first super heroine. Wonder Woman represents such a strong role model for females of all ages, encouraging us to stand up for ourselves, to learn to fight, and be strong, so we don’t have to be scared, or depend on men. I especially love her tagline of Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.

It’s great to see the marketing campaign tapping into the power of the independent female icon, with a series of posters that only feature Wonder Woman as a strong Amazonian warrior, who’s here to bring ‘hope in the world of men’.


With the first poster appearing a year before the movie’s release, it’s only been in the last few weeks that one’s featured another character from the movie alongside Wonder Woman. Steve Trevor, the World War 1 pilot who introduces Diana Prince to the outside world, is added into the poster background, without any inference to the potential romance, hinted at in one of the movie’s trailers.

What wasn’t such a great marketing piece was the recent ‘tone deaf’ official product tie in, a diet protein bar branded ‘think thin’, which seems to be out of alignment with all that Wonder Woman stands for… I doubt an Amazonian princess is concerned with her weight and appearance. There’s even a scene in one of the movie’s trailers where Wonder Woman is trying on ‘modern day’ clothes and questions how women can fight in the long skirts! A more relevant message for women would have been along the lines of think strength, think power or think healthy.

Pyjama King, Peter Alexander gets it right in his Mother’s Day campaign, with an inspired photo shoot featuring Lynda Carter, the actress who played Wonder Woman in the successful TV series in the 70’s, alongside her daughter. With clever messaging around saying thanks to our Mums for their super human efforts, as the true heroes of the world.

With her inspirational brand messages around being a ‘unifying force of goodwill and justice’, Wonder Woman is here to ‘fight evil and hopes to unlock the potential of humanity’ and with her Lasso of Truth she’s an ‘ambassador of peace and justice in a “man’s world”.’

Let’s hope she also symbolises the start of the rise of the Super Heroine too!!

Catherine Howarth
Director of Brand Projects


    • Catherine Howarth

      Thanks Kirsty, great to hear you enjoyed it! So important to be sending out the right message, and Wonder Woman’s is such a compelling one for females of all ages. Here’s to us all living with power, grace, wisdom and wonder 🙂

    • Catherine Howarth

      Thanks so much Gail for the lovely feedback and great that you found it inspiring. Wonder Woman is celebrating her 75th Anniversary, and how better than with her own movie!! Here’s to seeing more strong, independent and inspirational female brands, both onscreen and off. Go girls!

  1. Susan Young

    It’s so great to read this and like you, I can’t wait to see the movie, the trailer is great! I loved Wonder Woman as a little girl, she’s definitely a role model and in our new world of work where women are stepping into leading, running their own businesses etc we all need a bit of courage, power and widsom.

    • Catherine Howarth

      Hi Susan, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! The trailers are great, I love one of the scenes where Steve says ‘I can’t let you do this’ and Wonder Woman replies ‘what I do isn’t up to you’, such a powerful message of independence, believing in yourself and what you can achieve. Wonder Woman is an iconic brand and it’s exciting to see her reach a new audience with her inspirational messages.

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