Adidas’ Parley collection – A brilliant Shared Value brand strategy

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Creating a Powerful ‘Shared Value’ Brand Strategy

At Truly Deeply we have a strong belief around business and brands being as good for the world and society as they are for their shareholders. Yes, this is about making the world a better place, but more-so based-on the belief that the market is changing, and making the world a better place is becoming one of the most powerful brand platforms available. A Shared Value Brand Strategy, is one where the best interests of the brand, the shareholder and the planet/society/community are aligned.

Adidas recently launched their Parley collection. Parley is Adidas’ partner in the Parley A.I.R Strategy, which transforms ocean plastic waste into running shoes. Each shoe uses an average of 11 plastic bottles per pair, incorporating recycled plastic into the shoe’s laces, heel webbing, heel lining, and sock liner covers.

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Having launched with a limited release to prove the concept, Adidas has now moved into serious production with the Ultraboost, Ultraboost X, and Ultraboost Uncaged. The new Boost range is a bold, strategic step forward as Adidas seeks to build a business based-around using more sustainable materials across their product range.

Mathias Amm, Product Category Director at Adidas provides an insight into the company’s commitment saying “The new additions to the adidas x Parley collection are another step in our journey to creating one million pairs of Ultraboost from up-cycled marine plastic”.

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In it’s recently released Sustainability report, Adidas stated the company is on track to use 100% sustainable cotton by next year. It also said that it saved 70 million plastic shopping bags by switching to paper bags in its stores, and detailed a commitment to make the new Adidas MLS uniforms with Parley recycled plastic.

This is not mere lip service, but a brilliant example of a Shared Value Brand Strategy at work. Hats-off to Adidas for leading the way with their Parley initiative.

shared value brand strategy

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You can find out more about Adidas Parley and buy the shoes here.
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