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When I talk Oscars, style and Emma Stone it is not only because I am a big fat fan of award season and film, it is also because I love to see how the brand story telling of the nominated films can play out on the red carpet in bold or subtle gestures.

To be honest there is not a lot of subtlety in Hollywood. However, this type of platform is the perfect stage for a brand to tell its story with elegance and grace in a holistic and immersive way taking audiences on a journey, as opposed to the more traditional marketing methods; over exposure of film advertisements in offline and online media platforms.

The look and feel

Stone’s look at the 89th Academy Awards was an great example of how to summarise the essence of a brand or a movie, tell the brand story and and represent it in every way, even in something as “simple” as a choice of dress. Her look aligned with the movie she represented, ‘La La Land’.

She shimmed her way up the red carpet in her 1920’s Givenchy haute couture gown, with gold sequins and floor dropping tiered fringes. Her hair was wavy and her lips red. The sleeveless slim silhouette jazzed it all up in an almost boyish manor, whilst the tight upper part of her dress made the look a bit more relevant and now.

She threw us back to that Old Hollywood age, where the idea of women was neither Kardashian curves or starving supermodels, but instead about having fun, being care free, moving, dancing, laughing, smoking long steam cigarettes whilst sipping expensive bubbles from champagne coupes.

It was a celebration of the art deco and glamour that Hollywood does so well. But it was also a transformation of the American girl next door who became a worldwide superstar. So on brand for the story of ‘La La Land’.

If you haven’t already seen the movie; Mia (Stone), an aspiring actress in modern day LA is trying to make it big. She auditions, networks and even finances her own one-woman show at the local theater. All with little to no success. She finds herself giving up, but her lover and also striving artist, musician Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) comes to her rescue and encourages her to keep on following her dreams, and so she does, with great success.

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Audiences have praised the story for the way it captures the classic Hollywood charm and at the same time connects it to modern day. It has in some way been the renascence of the musical genre.

When Stone translates the story of ‘La La Land’ on the red carpet it reminds us of what we liked so much about the movie, the brand, the idea. The brand is successfully embodied and conceptualised by Stone standing there in front of the worlds press. Maybe it succeeds so well because there isn’t much to Stone’s character Mia in the movie. She is practically just a girl who wants to act, which I imagine isn’t so far from Stone’s own story. But why not use that similarity as a strength, in every way possible, to own your brand and communicate with your audience.

Express yourself!

As branding and marketing professionals, we love to create inspiring brand stories and concepts, therefore it is valuable to understand all the different ways to express a brand.

Like Emma Stone’s Oscars look it is important that every aspect of your brand is taken into consideration, even down to the Givenchy haute couture gown. It is important to own your brand in every way.

Louis Larsen
Brand Strategy Intern

Image courtesy of Steve Granitz/WireImage and Lionsgate

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