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Amazon’s vertical shift from brand seller to brand owner (and seller)

Amazon Builds their House of Brands. New’s this week that Amazon has been advertising for brand managers to create  a private label of Sportswear Apparel is another indicator of the online retail giants ambition to become an owner as well as a seller of brands.…

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Coca Cola ‘one brand’ architecture comes to Australia

Multinational soft drink giant introduces its new brand architecture strategy to Australia. After decades of establishing more niche brands, Coca Cola has shifted back to what they call the ‘one brand’ design. Essentially, they are now refocusing on creating a stronger master brand, with more…

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SCN’s new brand architecture favours national advertisers over local listeners

D-Day approaches as Southern Cross Austereo (SCN) rebrands regional radio as Triple M or Hit. Next week, most of SCNs regional stations will get a new name and identity to align with the company’s city stations. This is largely a corporate brand architecture approach to…

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Mercedes Man – star brand extension or stinker?

Mercedes has followed a number of fashion brands and celebrities who have tried to leverage their status to create a brand fragrance. Their new range of fragrances are now available at Chemist Warehouse but is this good for the Mercedes brand? For many premium fashion…

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Brand differentiation: Sometimes you just need an asshole.

Asshole or hero? Donate Life takes boldly different approach to organ donation. We often talk about the importance of brands being brave and different to truly standout and that’s just what Donate Life America has done with its latest campaign. The World’s biggest asshole dials…

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How hotels have responded to the rise of Airbnb

The changing landscape of hotel accommodation to target millennial travellers Since Airbnb’s disruption of the hotel industry from its inception in 2008, and pioneering a shift toward the sharing economy, many have predicted the demise of traditional hotels as a result. While younger travellers have…

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Tata’s Zica brand name to be ditched due to Zika virus

Tata Motors rethinks brand name for new car on launch. Being associated with the horrible Zika virus could potentially kill the Zica brand before it gets going. Tata recognises the brand name Zica is no longer #Fantastico! But are they responding fast enough?

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How much should I pay for my Branding?

What should my branding cost? So you’re at start-up/running a growing business/recently merged/feeling the heat from new competition/just stepped into the big chair and you’ve got a sense that your branding isn’t working. No matter how clear-minded you are at leading your business, the task…

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Nine entertainment fixes their brand architecture to connect their channels

Nine strengthens their brand architecture to build a family of brands While ABC, SBS and Seven have built a series of channels that connect their brands, Nine like Ten, have built a series of independent TV brands. Nine are now admitting this wasn’t working and are…

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