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Inspired by Dave EggersTED talk about his brilliant 826 literacy project, Lucy Macnab and Ben Payne along with author Nick Hornby and UK graphic design studio We Made This have just launched the Ministry of Stories on Hoxton Street in east London. Funded by the Arts Council, as well as seed-funding from the JJ Charitable Trust, Ministry of Stories follows the model of the 826 centres: a writing centre where kids aged 8-18 can get one-to-one tuition with professional writers and other volunteers; with the centres being housed behind fantastical shop fronts designed to fire the kids’ imaginations. In this case, the shop is Hoxton Street Monster Supplies – Purveyor of Quality Goods for Monsters of Every Kind.

The Ministry retail space was designed by architects Andrew LockCatherine Grieg and David Ogunmuyiw; with fantastic wall illustrations by Heather Sloane. The visual identity for the Ministry is based on the Ministry of Food logo from the 1940s. The real magic here for me is the spark of inspiration that comes from the wonderful brand design work that brings the Monster Supplies retail concept to rich, humorous life – a sure fire igniter of childhood imaginations. The project brilliantly demonstrates the power of creative collaboration in pulling-together amazing brand experiences and creating wonderful brand story telling, especially in the area of inspiring education.

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I loooove this project from concept to execution. You can find out more about it here: on the MoS website, the MoS Facebook page, and the MoS Twitter feed.

Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Brand Inspirer and Part Time Monster Spotter.
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    12 Responses to “Ministry of Stories & Hoxton Street Monster Supplies – A Brand Gesture for Good not Evil.”

    1. Derek says:

      Loved the stuff office did for 826 in Valencia, and the Superhero and Spy store.
      How much fun would it be to create the products and write the labels!

      A profound example of language and design, used well together as an exponential force for branding.

    2. Reg says:

      Inspiring inspiration Dave, as it does make you feel that one should be lifting the bar from a creativity perspective. Too often the weight of the day to day is a poor excuse. Thanks

    3. david says:

      Thanks Derek, I agree this concept creates fertile ground for designing brilliant graphic design and brand communications.

    4. david says:

      Thanks Reg, Inspiring for us all, but especially for the kids in terms of motivating them to explore writing. Inspiration and Motivation – sounds like a classic brand communications brief to me.

    5. akin says:

      hi ,what is the twitter tag for the shop, MoS and MofS dont work . Id love to follow them, the whole concept and execution is spot on i bet kids love it

    6. david says:

      Hi Akin, the concept is such a great example of brand design – the fact it has such a wonderful purpose takes it to an even higher level.
      Try following the Ministry of Stories on Twitter at:!/mini_stories
      You can follow them on Facebook at:
      And the web site is:

    7. Andrew says:

      Simply brilliant in more ways than one. Brilliant creative execution, brilliant brand experiences, brilliant brand story telling all for a brilliant idea – inspiring education.

    8. david says:

      Thanks Andrew – you’re right – an all-round brilliant piece of brand communications design. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

    9. Kim says:

      Thanks for the post Dave. I am (nearly) an adult and I too was inspired, it dragged my child’s imagination of all things mystical out. There is so much rich brand storytelling that you could spend hours with, i love the free-range snivelling humans…

    10. david says:

      Kim, there is just so much to love about the Project. We’re hoping to get involved with bringing some of this brilliance to Melbourne soon. Stay tuned.

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