A Coca-Cola Pop-up Brand Experience
Coca-Cola have converted a delivery truck into a happiness machine on wheels delivering “doses” of happiness in the streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  With the line ‘Where will happiness strike next?’ Coca-Cola literally delivers a brand experience worth smiling about, check out after the jump.

YouTube Preview Image

Why is this Pop-up Brand Experience by Coca-Cola worth talking about ?
1/ It shows Coca-Colas ability to turn a personal brand experience into a communal brand experience,
2/ It reinforces in an unique and fun way that Coca-Cola is easily available and acceptable to everyone; and
3/ that by rewarding human inquisitiveness Coca-Cola makes this brand experience something worth talking about.

Coke definitely strikes a happy cord with this bold brand experience. Lets take lead from Coke here and ask ourselves, when has your brand delivered a slice of happiness to your customers?

Tim Wood
Design Creative

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    4 Responses to “Coca-Cola Happiness Truck”

    1. david says:

      Nice Post Tim. Any brand experience that can deliver happiness has tapped into the ultimate pay-off. This kind of brand experience has been designed with the best possible feel-good factor. Check the smiles on those faces.

    2. Cassie says:

      The Coke brand has always had a sense of fun and magic but this brand experience takes it to the next level. Brilliant. Share the happiness.

    3. stevie says:

      Love it Tim, Coke always get it spot on. What an awesome brand experience.

    4. Andrew says:

      What an awesome find Tim! That’s just such a cool brand experience and brings a smile to all faces – including mine!

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