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Deck the Halls with Branded Beach Towels
Australian newspaper ‘The Age’ recently published an article on Corporate Gift Giving in their Executive Style lift-out in time for Christmas. For most companies, this gesture of Christmas giving for staff and for clients tends to follow an age-old path of logos on golf towels. As an expensive exercise, the opportunity to create indelible brand gestures at this time of year is often missed. The Age asked Truly Deeply Founder David Ansett for his perspective on this seasonal sticky question.

You can check the article written by Sylvia Pennington on-line here: Merry Christmas here’s an iPad.

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    One Response to “In the Press – Brand Gems on Corporate Christmas Gift Giving from the Guru, Truly Deeply’s own David Ansett”

    1. david says:

      Ironically, on the day this post was published I attended a business conference where I was given a beach towel with a logo embroidered on it. More significant though was the quality (or lack-of) of the beach towel. A good reminder that often the quality of promotional goods branded and given as gifts is not up to scratch – reflecting directly on the quality of the brand of the giver.

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