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As creative director of our brand agency I’m always being asked by our clients how to create the most effective brand identity or corporate image. The answer always includes the invaluable elements of owning ‘Unique Visual Properties’. Unique visual properties are visual elements of your brand identity that position your brand and its strategy in the hearts and minds of your target market, but just as importantly, achieve that goal with fresh and unique visual language. By consistently presenting your unique visual properties to the market, over time you will own them and their brand associations, providing you with defensible, bankable brand equity. Too many visual identities utilize the same small handful of type styles, leaving the door wide open for brands to select remarkable and distinctive typefaces to reflect their unique brand proposition and personality.

By a long shot the most popular blog we’ve ever written was a collection of cracking custom typefaces we published a couple of years back. Literally tens of thousands of people have enjoyed the blog and it continues to be popular. So when you’re on a good thing…

Here’s a further collection of outstanding custom typefaces from designers all over the world – Enjoy…

You can check the original collection of  25 killer custom fonts by clicking here.

by Stella Björg


Cactus Type
by Vladimir Koncar


Bush Type (Hairvetica)
by Vladimir Koncar


Beer Caps Type
by Vladimir Koncar


by Canhür Aktuglu


by Nelson Balaban


Eyelash Font
by Amitis Khasanov
Micro Type
by Ruslan Khasanov


Fade Away
by Aron Jancso


Johnson’s Back Garden Font
by Ryan Rhodes


by Eugene Rudyy

Bottomless Soda Font
by Natalie Urban


Slinky Type
by Paul Hollingworth


Frustro Typeface
by Martzi Hegedus

brand identity design agency


by Riccardo Sabatini


Tease Type
by Maxime Beldent


Mech Type
by Sebastian Gagin



Evolution Type
by Andreas Scheiger

corporate identity design agency


Fluid Type
by The Almossawi Brothers


Braided Type
by Teagan White

brand identity designers


Paper Type
by Sabeena Karnik

type designer


And not so much a piece of font design, but a great bit of font fun:

by  Unknown
(if anyone can let me know the creator of this piece I’d love to credit them properly and provide a link to their work)


Dave Ansett, Brandamentalist
Killer Brand Identity Designer

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      Love the fluid font, there’s a movie title itching to be made.

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