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Havaiana’s Concept Store in Brazil is bright, bold and creative. 

A retail store so simplistic, yet so captivating in my list of exciting consumer experiences, certainly includes the Havaiana flagship store found in the luxury suburb of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Read the rest of this entry »

Brand Experience and Brand Design

Converting forgotten suburban landmarks into engaging coffee brand experiences
Starbucks has recently transformed an old gas station in Los Angeles into a new drive-thru coffee shop. The gas station has been out of use for 20 odd years, but Starbucks has brought it back to life. Using bright neon lights and creative restoration, keeping the original 1950’s heritage and historic value to the location, Starbucks have created an engaging brand experience of the highest order. A great example of identifying an opportunity to re-define the famous Starbucks ‘Third Place”. Read the rest of this entry »

integrated brand campaigns

Airbnb recently launched a floating house on the River Thames to promote its lettings website to homeowners in the capital. The fast-growing internet brand is now the largest hospitality business in the world without owning a single room, but that hasn’t stopped them from building an increasing above the line marketing presence. The integrated engagement campaign is the latest in a number of PR focused apartment promotions from around the world.

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Nivea's little sun doll parental brand engagement

Building on the brand promise of protection Nivea and FCB Brazil have created dolls that are even more sun sensitive than your average three your old, with the aim of teaching kids the importance of sun protection (and which brand they should be using).

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Engaging brands

“Brands that stand on the shoulders of giants are not created by branding agencies, they are created by people”.

One of our clients recently launched their new brand internally and the owner of the organisation used this line in his closing words. He was giving his employees responsibility for the future of the brand, entrusting the brand with them. It was very powerful and you could feel the excitement in the room. I would add that branding agencies play a pivotal role in creating and shaping brands, we provide the structural foundations of the brand. These foundations are built on a clear strategy which is brought to life with an identity and visual language that ensures the brand sets off on the right path. We then hand over the reins to the people who live and breathe the brand everyday, the people  ensure that the brand stays true to the strategy we’ve developed. We can’t always be there every step of the way so the people need a clear direction and the right tools to ensure the brand lives on and continues to breathe. Read the rest of this entry »

iinet's customer first brand

iinet legally supports infringing customers
innet has again positioned itself as the uniquely customer centric telco brand. After recently loosing the court case with the studio behind the Dallas Buyers Club. It continues to turn brand lemons into lemonade by announcing it will directly, legally support any customers that have their details supplied to the studio. Read the rest of this entry »

 brand engagement strategy

In the battle for deep and enduring relationships with clients and consumers some brands have a distinct advantage – An engagement mindset.
There’s no doubt passion brands like Nike, Apple and Red Bull profit from the quality and depth of their consumer relationships. With consumer loyalty diminishing across almost every B2B and B2C category we are seeing a class gap emerging between a handful of super star brands who boast legions of devoted fans and the majority of others who are having to settle for transactional relationships. As brands struggle to move from a promotional mindset to an engagement mindset, those who have been focused on building relationships continue to dominate their category. NIKE’s fuelbox activation is one shining example of a brand who understand the value of investing in engagement. Read the rest of this entry »

Instant Off-Road Kit Volkswagen Branding Design Packaging

It can be difficult to be cut–through in the cluttered world of automotive marketing, but Soho Square’s work for Volkswagen managed to get everyone talking.
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brand agency

It’s amazing how many businesses expect their customers to do what they wouldn’t. Just by telling someone you are the best or a nice shop doesn’t make them believe it.

Unless you have a credible award to back up your claim (if your selling coffee this might work – not sure anything could support a nice shop) otherwise, it’s pointless and might even work against you.

There are no short cuts to building brand loyalty. Your brand promises need to compelling but they also need to be authentic.

You need to ensure you deliver a great customer experience every time and in doing so, your customers might feel compelled to share their experience with others. This is far more powerful in attracting new customers than anything you could say about your brand.

Amazon have launched their latest innovation in changing the world, with the introduction of Amazon Dash. In it’s simplest form it’s a device in your kitchen, which you press when running low on a particular kitchen necessities, like groceries or cleaning. Each consumable will have it’s own dash button and the idea is that each household will be filled with these devices. Connected to your WIFI, the button will automatically order that product, via confirmation through your online account and it arrives at your door before you run out. This is literally the future.
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