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fast casual chain branding

An Authenticity Driven Retail Brand Experience.
On my recent trip to the US I organized a visit to the amazing Eataly retail concept is NYC. Eataly is a brilliant part retail, part restaurant, part fast casual dining concept that has been replicated in many cities around the world. IN New York it is one of the top five most visited tourist attractions, but also loved passionately by locals. Eataly is at it’s core authentic, hosting a number of traditional Italian artisans producing fresh cheeses, freshly baked breads, real Italian espresso, their own rotisserie porchetta and of-course, fresh pasta (of which they sell around 70 kg each day). Through our involvement as owners of the new pasta chain Etto, we’d made contact with Luca, the head of fresh pasta at Eataly in NYC and organised a catch-up, which was to be the highlight of my time in the Big Apple.

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Coke branding agency

Big Brand Thinking for Coke Mini Can Campaign
When you have one of the biggest marketing budgets in the known world, a universally understood brand and yet another new product to launch to market – making a truly memorable splash is not as easy as it sounds. “High Class Problem!” you might say – and you’d be right, but kudos to  Coca-Cola Germany and their ad agency Ogilvy & Mather in Berlin for taking-on the challenge and coming-out with this big idea.

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A growing trend in short-term brand activations is getting traction, not just in Melbourne, but everywhere. “Pop Ups” are becoming a viable way for businesses and brands to utilise spaces in short term experiments, to keep themselves fresh, keep pushing ideas and trial things that may give them a long term edge and leg up.
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Bottled drinks of all varieties are often the topic of conversation, especially in sustainability circles. Whatever your feelings are about our mass consumption and the effects of plastic pollution on the planet, plastic bottles are currently a necessary evil. And at the top of it all is the humble bottle cap (pun absolutely intended). However, brands are starting to think about new ways to utilise the bottle cap to educate us, connect us and give us more reasons to keep reusing their products.
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Millennials are the main focus for today’s marketing. They are, in a lot of cases the most targeted audience as they’re constantly plugged in and in-the-know of the next big thing. However tapping into this market is also a double-edged sword: they have seen it all and are growing impatient.

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Asos brand launch

Are Australian retailers really committed to online shopping?

With online shopping specialists continuing to grow and evolve their offer, many Australian retailers still seem to be struggling to accept the new reality. But there are some standouts.

What are the expectations for online shopping and who are the best and worst retail brands to shop with online?

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Taking photos of food, you either love it or hate it. The trend of food photography has become a fundamental pre-eating ritual, sometimes much to the annoyance of whomever doesn’t share the passion of foodgraphy (yes, it’s a viable term). I can recall several dining occasions with friends where my eagerness to dig-in have been physically fork-blocked just so they can take an untouched photo of my ordered dish.

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Bridestowe Lavender Bear

Purple is the new envy. Learn from Bridestowe Lavender and their model for growth.

Last week, ABC’s 7.30 Report ran a story on an incredible small business that is now one Tasmania’s top tourist attractions that is attracting hundred of Chinese tourists daily.

The ABC focussed on Bridestowe’s famous bear but it is clear that the company has invested significantly in building a unique and authentic brand. This is a model that could be adapted for any small agri-business looking to grow.

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skin cancer

Ogilvy Brazil and Sol de Janeiro are training tattoo artists to spot signs of skin cancer, raise awareness and encourage Brazilians to get checked. The campaign is driven by Ogilvy Brazil and supported by sunscreen brand Sol de Janeiro, and the agency recruited 450 tattoo artists to come to training and lectures by an oncologist.

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BBQ Bible Book Brand Gesture

I love a good cookery book, and this ones a ripper. JWT Brazil created this monster for Tramontina, a leading brand of kitchen supplies. While Tramontina has a full range of barbecue accessories they needed to prove their credentials to their audience: owners of barbecue restaurants. Read the rest of this entry »