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At Truly Deeply we love a brand that disrupts the market
Any brand with the gumption to re-think the product or business model paradigm and challenge the market is cool by us. The massively, huge, global coffee market has seen its share of disruption with Starbucks leading the charge 40-odd years ago. But any market of this size and popularity is sure to be fertile ground for ongoing disruption, especially when overlaid with the burgeoning trend of personalization. As the coffee market in most of the Western world continues to grow its sophistication, individual preference for bean, brew and barista is becoming more important in the equation brand loyalty. This trend is feeding the cool, local, SME end of the cafe category, and setting the scene for a new global player.  Enter Wheely’s Cafe Carts – The world’s first global bike cafe for a better world. Read the rest of this entry »

Children Toy Branding Design Game Posters


The Children’s Toy Foundation invited Swedish studio Bedow to design a branded poster on the theme “play” for a fund raising project.

Having ‘just’ survived the Christmas period, it is common for the stereotypical Aussie Christmas to be full of family, gift giving, shrimp on the BBQ and a lot of over indulgence. While the latter may leave you resembling a Christmas ham, the concept of gift giving can be a lovely gesture.  Unfortunately sometimes it can be blown out of proportion and we now see many families start to give gifts of charity (think Oxfam or donating directly to a chosen charity). This is a fantastic gesture and influenced my interest in this clever piece of communication for the Children’s Toy Foundation, who bring quality toys and games to under-privileged children in India. The work is not only smart and simple in thought and execution, but it is for a good cause too!

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When brands come to life

Our friends on Fast Company are running a story on the worlds busiest Santa, which is worth a watch, specially this time of year. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Look at how Starbucks might respond to some key new consumer trends
As part of their recently released 2015 Future of Retail report, PSFK asked some creative partners to leverage their trends to rethink the functionality of some of the biggest brands in retail. The team at Bulldog Drummond used PSFK identified trends of ‘One Click Everything’, ‘Everyone Of A Kind’, ‘Be The Hub ‘and ‘Experiences Not Products’ to re-imagine how the coffee chain Starbucks might evolve to suit the next generation of consumers. The result is a smart bit of futurism with some strong glimpses of future retailing.

You can check the Bulldog Drummond Insights here:

Lychee Gold Cider

I recently stumbled across my new favourite cider brand at Taste festival in Melbourne, Lychee Gold. At an event where Rekorderlig was plastered everywhere I’m surprised that this small brand got a look in edgewise but by the end of the first night the small cider supplier seemed he might be hard pressed to keep up with the demand. I was delighted by this brand, the product tasted amazing and Alan who was behind the counter was so genuine no wonder I went back three times!!

Small product brands have so much to offer, let’s give them a fair go! 

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Recipe to Riches Branding

With more exposure on the branding industry than ever, it’s important for people to understand the process of strategy and design without being mislead by unrealistic expectations portrayed in shows such as ‘Recipe to Riches’.

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Toilet paper advertisements have brought us some entertaining campaigns over the years, but when you see Saatchi & Saatchi’s toilet paper commercial for swedish brand Lambi – you will be in for a good dose of the warm and fuzzies.

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The Pulling Power of a Smile
As channels to market keep fracturing, the social landscape becomes more and more chaotic and consumers take charge across every category – what’s a brand to do? The answer might be right under your nose – well right under your customers noses to be more specific – in the form of their mouths. And the question to ask yourself is; ‘when was the last time you made them smile?’ Sometimes in this overcomplicated world of commerce we forget some of the most effective and simple rules of branding like the power of a smile. I implore you in the spirit of the Invisible Man in Flip Flops to spend an hour this week with your marketing team (and office joker)  jotting down ways to put a smile on your customer’s dial. Pick the simplest, execute it as a priority and watch to see the world of your brand brighten.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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Building a Brand Strategy from the Heart-Up – a Ticket to Good Brand Karma
Jet Blue’s brilliant #FlyItForward program awards a plane ticket to humanitarians rewarding and enabling them to do good and allowing them to pass the ticket on to another traveler for good. The #FlyItForward social movement was born from stories unearthed by Jet Blue crew members who asked; ‘If you were given one flight to spread good where would you go and what good would you do?

JetBlue crew members initiated the program by identifying change makers doing good within the community. The ticket moves from city-to-city as one person identifies and nominates another to take the ticket from that city to the next. The movement will connect a network of JetBlue travelers on a mission to bring about positive change in cities around the Americas through the airline’s destinations. Read the rest of this entry »