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Taking photos of food, you either love it or hate it. The trend of food photography has become a fundamental pre-eating ritual, sometimes much to the annoyance of whomever doesn’t share the passion of foodgraphy (yes, it’s a viable term). I can recall several dining occasions with friends where my eagerness to dig-in have been physically fork-blocked just so they can take an untouched photo of my ordered dish.

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Bridestowe Lavender Bear

Purple is the new envy. Learn from Bridestowe Lavender and their model for growth.

Last week, ABC’s 7.30 Report ran a story on an incredible small business that is now one Tasmania’s top tourist attractions that is attracting hundred of Chinese tourists daily.

The ABC focussed on Bridestowe’s famous bear but it is clear that the company has invested significantly in building a unique and authentic brand. This is a model that could be adapted for any small agri-business looking to grow.

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skin cancer

Ogilvy Brazil and Sol de Janeiro are training tattoo artists to spot signs of skin cancer, raise awareness and encourage Brazilians to get checked. The campaign is driven by Ogilvy Brazil and supported by sunscreen brand Sol de Janeiro, and the agency recruited 450 tattoo artists to come to training and lectures by an oncologist.

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BBQ Bible Book Brand Gesture

I love a good cookery book, and this ones a ripper. JWT Brazil created this monster for Tramontina, a leading brand of kitchen supplies. While Tramontina has a full range of barbecue accessories they needed to prove their credentials to their audience: owners of barbecue restaurants. Read the rest of this entry »

Officeworks Ollie Kids Club
Shopping at the weekend, I was reminded how a well-considered retail brand experience can positively impact purchasing decisions. In particular, how unexpected brand gestures can make all the difference.

As a parent of a bright and inquisitive five year old, I have learned that taking her shopping is rarely a stress-free experience. With this in mind, I prepared myself for an extremely fast trip to my local Officeworks. But instead of the usual chaos, I was pleasantly surprised and felt compelled to share my Officeworks brand experience.

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Urban Outfitters delivers an idea for Myer

Urban Outfitters delivers an idea for Myer
Urban Outfitters have developed a concept store that would work particularly well for Myer at some of its stores. In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, they have a concept store called Space Ninety 8.

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Retail Brand Theatre Is A Differentiator

Is a cost mindset killing the theatre?
With all the focus recently on department store David Jones receiving a $2.15 billion takeover offer from South African retailer Woolworths, it has again raised questions around the future of department stores.

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New Retail Formats for New Retail Times
As retailers seek innovation to maintain relevance and loyalty in the shifting consumer landscape, format is becoming one of the more interesting battlegrounds. For many categories the format paradigm offers real opportunity to reinvent a struggling offer to be more relevant to consumers. Larger, smaller, shared between complimentary brands, more convenient, more community centric – there are loads of ways in which an established retail format might be reconfigured.

In the UK Speedy Shop has developed a ‘jumbo vending machine’ format that sells a variety of items like toiletries, groceries, milk, eggs, kitchen items and pet food in neighborhoods without a local store.

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The Prey of a Sneaking Duck

Shoes of Prey was founded by Michael Fox, Mike Knapp and Jodie Fox in Sydney in 2009. Love the name. Also love what they are doing with 3D printing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Press Advertising of the Highest Order
Something unusual happened in the Ansett household over the weekend; Australian supermarket giant Coles placed a full page ad in the paper, and we not only noticed it, but the whole family engaged with it physically, mentally and the big one – emotionally.

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