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NCVO: Amplifying the voice of the voluntary sector

NCVO (formerly the National Council for Voluntary Organisations) has launched their new brand that reflects the organisations and identities that NCVO has taken on in the ten year’s since it last rebranded. With over 10,000 members, from the largest charities to the smallest community organisations, the key objective was to aligh with the benchmark “big charity” branding by being a brand that connects, represents and supports causes that are essential for a better society and establish itself as a icon for the voluntary sector. In more basic terms they are a charity for charities.

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The Strongest Brands Connect With Authenticity
Retail and online have combined to create an authenticity gap between consumer and product source. For most consumers, milk (like so many other things we consume) has become a product sourced from the shelves of supermarkets and differentiated by store brand, range and price. The connection we have with the farmyard, the cows, the cream and even the milk man has become disconnected by the advent of convenience. With that disconnect comes both a homogenization of the product and an opportunity for brands with the passion and desire to reconnect milk with the farmyard. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer in the Gardens

Truly Deeply’s brand activation ‘in the gardens’ helped Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre drive traffic and increase sales in key holiday period.

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Brand Authenticity 2

Brand authenticity assists to drive success in today’s over-saturated markets as consumers search for greater meaning and sincerity – this is fuelled by a desire to connect with things that feel safe, certain and unambiguous. Em Ford, beauty blogger of “My Pale Skin” has spoken out after being attacked by bullies on social media. This powerful piece raises the question of authenticity and peoples perception associated with beauty.

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Israeli design studio and tech startup; SteamCC has created a 3D print application for creating the next level of coffee art, and in so-doing have created the opportunity for high level brand engagement customer experiences. The Ripple Maker combines 3D printing mechanics with ink-jet technology for a DIY coffee art experience. The technology allows for printing content onto individual cups using a natural coffee extract, called Ripple Pods.

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Baking the Value into Value Proposition
Pantry is a fascinating new retail concept from the US created to tap directly into the ever busier lives of consumers. Located in Boston, Pantry is a new kind of grocery store that allows shoppers to buy pre-portioned recipe kits to make quick and simple meals at home beyond the quality in inspiration of the average, harried professional. With recipes such as; Moroccan chicken with cauliflower “couscous” and Vietnamese shaken beef with red watercress salad and pickled onions, not only do the kits provide everything you need to make a delicious dinner, but also exactly the right portions of ingredients, simplifying cooking and eliminating wastage.

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Kramer’s reverse peephole and George’s Valentines Day photo shoot on display for fans with the help from Hulu’s branded pop-up apartment.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Brands must Evolve to stay Relevant and Engaging.
As consumer habits and tastes change, brands need to be on the look-out for signals they are losing relevance, and even more important is the demand to constantly evolve in order to keep step with their customers. The new McBike brand innovation from McDonalds is an rich example of a big brand keeping it’s ear to the ground for customer trends that can connect them with their target audiences.

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Havaiana’s Concept Store in Brazil is bright, bold and creative. 

A retail store so simplistic, yet so captivating in my list of exciting consumer experiences, certainly includes the Havaiana flagship store found in the luxury suburb of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Read the rest of this entry »