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In the battle for deep and enduring relationships with clients and consumers some brands have a distinct advantage – An engagement mindset.
There’s no doubt passion brands like Nike, Apple and Red Bull profit from the quality and depth of their consumer relationships. With consumer loyalty diminishing across almost every B2B and B2C category we are seeing a class gap emerging between a handful of super star brands who boast legions of devoted fans and the majority of others who are having to settle for transactional relationships. As brands struggle to move from a promotional mindset to an engagement mindset, those who have been focused on building relationships continue to dominate their category. NIKE’s fuelbox activation is one shining example of a brand who understand the value of investing in engagement. Read the rest of this entry »

Instant Off-Road Kit Volkswagen Branding Design Packaging

It can be difficult to be cut–through in the cluttered world of automotive marketing, but Soho Square’s work for Volkswagen managed to get everyone talking.
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It’s amazing how many businesses expect their customers to do what they wouldn’t. Just by telling someone you are the best or a nice shop doesn’t make them believe it.

Unless you have a credible award to back up your claim (if your selling coffee this might work – not sure anything could support a nice shop) otherwise, it’s pointless and might even work against you.

There are no short cuts to building brand loyalty. Your brand promises need to compelling but they also need to be authentic.

You need to ensure you deliver a great customer experience every time and in doing so, your customers might feel compelled to share their experience with others. This is far more powerful in attracting new customers than anything you could say about your brand.

Amazon have launched their latest innovation in changing the world, with the introduction of Amazon Dash. In it’s simplest form it’s a device in your kitchen, which you press when running low on a particular kitchen necessities, like groceries or cleaning. Each consumable will have it’s own dash button and the idea is that each household will be filled with these devices. Connected to your WIFI, the button will automatically order that product, via confirmation through your online account and it arrives at your door before you run out. This is literally the future.
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The Best Retailer in the World just got Better
Not content with sitting on their laurels as the worlds best retail brand (with sales/m2 markedly greater than Lululemon at number two) Apple have looked to revamp their in-store product servicing offer known as ‘The Genius Bar’. Customers experiencing any issue what-so-ever with their Mac products are already directed into their nearest store to the Genius Bar. Now the appointment-making process is about to become even easier for those with busy schedules, further minimizing frustration for those with urgent tech problems and (to Apple’s great benefit) getting more customers spending more time in their stores.

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brand gesture, brand experience, brand actsTesco says a little less talk and a lot more action!

Aligning brand identity with behaviour and delivery has always been a constant theme of discussions we have with our clients. That’s why I was pleased to see this is now becoming a priority for one of the world’s largest retailers.

Tesco’s CCO recently told the marketing faithful that brands need to ditch their focus on advertising to ask what ‘acts’ they do to help their consumers.

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I love to see little grass roots brands taking on corporate heavyweights and the top end of town and here’s on that worth 5 minutes of your time Read the rest of this entry »

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Not all brand experiences are born equal
Which is why Pareto’s 80:20 rule needs to play-out in the way your business delivers on its brand promise every day. Every business has a number of brand touch points (functional interactions with your brand) from web site to retail space, from customer ordering to complaints department. As a brand owner or brand manager it’s critical to map your brand’s touch points and create a hierarchy of importance. Every business needs absolute clarity on the top 5 proof points (emotional interactions through the functional brand touch points) for their clients and consumers. By-way of example, for an airline those proof points might be: 01. Booking a ticket, 02. Checking-in, 03. Boarding/finding seat, 04. seat cleanliness, 05. arriving on time.

Understanding which are your critical brand proof points is the first step, turning those proof points into exceptional and memorable brand experiences is where the rubber hits the road. With a little consumer/client research and the strategic thinking of a brand engagement agency like Truly Deeply, every business can leverage their energies to create a highly effective brand experience for their consumers.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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Good Thinking + Good to Eat
To celebrate its 50th anniversary, KFC plan to launch an innovative edible coffee cup into the UK market this summer. As coffee continues to be a staple add-on or usage occasion introduction for food retail, the ability to connect the beverage experience with the brand in a unique way offers a wonderful brand engagement opportunity.

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Omni channel retail brands

Omnichannel has been the buzz word in retail for some time but in many cases it seems to be more talk than action.

However, with recent technology innovation and structure changes, Gap Inc. is now one step closer to living the omnichannel dream.

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