St Patrick’s Day brand storytelling

For those of our blog readers who are donning green today and celebrating the festival of St Patrick around the world, here’s a beautiful brand video from Discover Ireland. With Liam Neeson narrating, the #GoGreenPatricksDay video leverages the publicity of Paddy’s Day around the world highlighting that on the emerald isle, everyday is bathed in green! The video proudly showcases everything wonderful about Ireland during a time where the country has a captivated audience. Now I’m off to the pub!

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Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh! (Happy St Patricks Day)
Gemma Tedford
Director of brand projects

Brand fade: Is McDonalds losing its shine for Gen Z?

brand fade, brand sponsorship

While taking my 11-year-old son to Little Athletics, I noticed how a once strong brand is losing its relevance.

When trying to give out the award for athlete of the day, I struggled several times to get any of kids to accept it. The reason – it was sponsored by McDonald’s. And the negatively was not just based on the opinion of the parents. Most of the children proudly stated, “I don’t go to McDonald’s – I don’t want it”.

This lead me to question, is McDonald losing the next generation?

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Responsive Outdoor Campaign for Women’s Aid leverages technology for brilliant cut-through

Integrated brand campaign

Responsive outdoor ads heal bruises through facial recognition technology
A state of the art creative campaign for U.K. charity Women’s Aid draws the attention of passersby with startling  images of women with bruised faces. Using a billboard mounted camera and facial recognition software, the ads scan the passing audience, registering those who give the ad their full attention (the bottom of the digital billboard shows those people the software has recognized) The images on the billboards then change, showing the injuries gradually healing. Read the rest of this entry »

FYI – I’m a Graphic Designer; A cinematic portrayal of this profession we call home

graphic designers Melbourne

“That’ll be £100,000 for a squiggle…
Watching this clip I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry. Some hilarious references to the profession of creating brands for products and services (a very serious and highly valuable business tool as all our very sophisticated readers would know), but the context was sadly reflective of broader community and business perceptions of what we do. Not often you get your career summed-up in two minutes of TV out-takes including; “Oh Please, can I redesign your logo? Yes, that’ll be £100,000 for a squiggle – wish I was a graphic designer”. Read the rest of this entry »

What are the top 5 critical proof points for your brand?

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Not all brand experiences are born equal
Which is why Pareto’s 80:20 rule needs to play-out in the way your business delivers on its brand promise every day. Every business has a number of brand touch points (functional interactions with your brand) from web site to retail space, from customer ordering to complaints department. As a brand owner or brand manager it’s critical to map your brand’s touch points and create a hierarchy of importance. Every business needs absolute clarity on the top 5 proof points (emotional interactions through the functional brand touch points) for their clients and consumers. By-way of example, for an airline those proof points might be: 01. Booking a ticket, 02. Checking-in, 03. Boarding/finding seat, 04. seat cleanliness, 05. arriving on time.

Understanding which are your critical brand proof points is the first step, turning those proof points into exceptional and memorable brand experiences is where the rubber hits the road. With a little consumer/client research and the strategic thinking of a brand engagement agency like Truly Deeply, every business can leverage their energies to create a highly effective brand experience for their consumers.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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Etsy prepares to test its belief system with IPO

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If global craft market Etsy goes public this year it will be an interesting test to see how the brand can balance their explicit social mission with shareholder revenue expectations.

Founded in 2005, Etsy, is like the handmade and craft version of Ebay. It’s an amazing online marketplace that amplifies the concept of the local craft market globally but the brand is also rooted is a solid belief system that drives everything they do.

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Back to being brand obsessed with Lego!

Logo Back to the future

We’re pretty obsessed with Lego, you may have noticed! Lego is a brand whose packaging says suitable for aged 4 years+, but probably their biggest brand advocates are blokes 20+ reminiscing of the hours of fun from their childhood. I still buy my boyfriend Lego, he’s 31. We don’t want Lego to change. It’s simple. In a day where kids are getting googly-eyed playing with iPads and mobiles, we ponder back to the good old days, when you just make stuff with your hands and imagination. Real stuff. Cool stuff! That’s why Lego has withstood the test of time. They haven’t changed a thing! Another love of 30 year old men is Back to the Future. Like Lego, we really don’t want to see a new 2015 remake with Justin Bieber as Marty McFly, it would be criminal. What would be cool though, if Lego created their own version of the most epic and iconic scene in Back To the Future. Well they did! And it’s amazing! Read the rest of this entry »

9 of the top 15 Brands Associated with Rio 2016 are not Olympic Sponsors

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Olympic Games Sponsorship is no Guarantee of a Gold Medal Brand Association
Eighteen months out from the 2016 Rio Olympics, the majority of brands associated with the world’s highest profile sporting and television event aren’t actually sponsors. Whilst Olympic Sponsors; Coke, Bridgestone, McDonald’s and GE score highly in the analysis carried out recently by the Global Language Monitor, non affiliated marketers including; IBM, Siemens, Pepsi, Starbucks, Red Bull and Official Supplier (but not sponsor) Nike all score a very strong level of association. The challenge for brands and sponsorship has always been about leveraging enough positive association to justify the investment. When managed well, brand association can halo beyond the term of previous sponsorship as I’m sure is playing out to a degree in what we’re seeing here. But make no mistake, the ability of a brand to associate with a globally significant, televised event is as much about prominence, engagement and relevance as it is about a sponsorship ticket. In brand sponsorship as is in life, it’s not what you’ve got, but what you do with it.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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The Global Language Monitor:

Denmark’s Playtype Font Foundry launches a Concept Store

brand identity designers

We love a good design concept store
Danish font foundry Playtime recently made the unusual jump from online to bricks and mortar, opening a concept store in Copenhagen. The Playtype store was launched in conjunction with the revamp and redesign of and represents the physical manifestation of the online type shop with a relatively narrow range of products such as posters, apparel and life accessories for the type obsessed. Read the rest of this entry »

KFC’s Edible Coffee Cups – A Delicious Retail Innovation

KFC branding agency

Good Thinking + Good to Eat
To celebrate its 50th anniversary, KFC plan to launch an innovative edible coffee cup into the UK market this summer. As coffee continues to be a staple add-on or usage occasion introduction for food retail, the ability to connect the beverage experience with the brand in a unique way offers a wonderful brand engagement opportunity.

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