Inglorious Fruit & Vegetables – How brands can connect consumer sentiment with a greater good

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Food Wastage Madness – How Did We Get Here?
How on earth did we ever arrive at the point where producers throw away 300 million tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables just because of appearance. Somehow the global supermarket chains have hijacked the food chain and are making incredibly wasteful decisions – all on our behalf. Well French supermarket chain Intermarché has launched a glorious fight against food waste with their ‘Inglorious Fruit & Vegetables’ campaign.

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Wicked brand personality goes too far

Wicked campers

Wicked Campervans have a history of being criticised for their racists, sexist and violent slogans spray-painted on their vans which act as moving billboards. With slogans such as “Women are like banks — once you withdraw you lose interest” and “A wife: an attachment you screw on the bed to get the housework done” it’s not surprising that they have been subject to public ridicule. Until recently the brand has defied critics, advertising standards regulators and community driven campaigns. Read the rest of this entry »

Nike underscores their ‘design’ brand credential with World Cup typography


Creating Remarkable Brand Design Gestures
A big thanks to NIKE from all of us who burned the midnight oil watching the World Cup for making our viewing all that much more pleasurable. If you’re a World Cup fan and you have the misfortune to be in Australia for the tournament you have no choice but the stay-up until all sort of ungodly hours to watch the matches. If you’re a typography fan, then you’ll almost certainly have noticed the work NIKE did for the 2014 Cup, designing several custom fonts for team kits including two collaborations with renowned graphic designers, Wim Crouwel (Netherlands) and Neville Brody (England).

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Brand Names Do Matter

Daniel Andrews

Dan the Man Andrews

“Hi, I’m Dan”, Victoria’s Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews tells voters in Labor’s first major election-year TV advertisement. The Age newspaper on Wednesday this week reported that the Victorian leader of the Labour party is trialing a more informal handle. It is saying that plain old Daniel (although there is an each-way-bet still playing out in some communications) perhaps does not quite do the trick. It has also been suggested that strategists have used research to establish that Dan needs a story, one removed from the world of politics, where he has spent the majority of his adult life. Read the rest of this entry »

Glow-in-the-dark Cornetto by Bompas & Parr

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The Art of Truly Standing-Out
A while back we wrote about London-based creative food duo Bompas & Parr who have build  a world-wide reputation for doing amazing things with things we eat. That’s a pretty tough gig given that every second TV show is another take on new food, old food, exotic food, slow food, fast food and cooking of all the above. Yet Bompas & Parr continue to deliver-on one of the biggest asks in business – coming up with something remarkable.

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Behind the Scenes at a Branding Agency


Straight out of uni, I was keen to build on my theoretical knowledge with practical experience and was fortunate enough to be introduced to Dave (Founder) and Derek (Managing Partner – Creative Director) at Truly Deeply. When offered an internship with their company I jumped at the opportunity to refine my skills in a professional and creative environment and was excited to take my first step into the world of design.

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The digital world is demanding of marketers.

The digital world is demanding of marketers.

The latest Starcom MediaVest Group’s (SMG) Media Futures report, an annual report that looks into the state of the advertising landscape in Australia, has raised some interesting insights into the media shifts taking place.

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Lexus celebrates striking design and bold creativity


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It is exciting to see a major brand player giving back to the creative community and placing a focus on the importance of innovation and strong design, well beyond a new car.

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The Future of Furniture from IKEA – Connected Homes & 3D Printing

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A Glimpse of the Future Brand Strategy for IKEA
I read a great interview on PSFK recently (link at the bottom of this post) with Rich D’Amico, Deputy Marketing Director at IKEA USA. The interview was exploring where IKEA sees the future of home & furniture design and asks the question; ‘where do they get their drive for innovation?’ D’Amico’s answers point to the exciting convergence of technology and creativity – where else – with 3D printing, a new line of ‘connected home’ devices called HomeSmart, and consumer insight driven creativity.

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A Sneak Peek at Sony’s stunning ad for their new 4K TV

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Creating Tough Acts to Follow
When you already have a reputation for creating amazingly memorable TV campaigns of beauty what on earth do you do next? In the case of Sony’s upcoming campaign for their new 4KTV the answer is to blanket an entire Costa Rican village with eight million flower petals.

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