The Future of Furniture from IKEA – Connected Homes & 3D Printing

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A Glimpse of the Future Brand Strategy for IKEA
I read a great interview on PSFK recently (link at the bottom of this post) with Rich D’Amico, Deputy Marketing Director at IKEA USA. The interview was exploring where IKEA sees the future of home & furniture design and asks the question; ‘where do they get their drive for innovation?’ D’Amico’s answers point to the exciting convergence of technology and creativity – where else – with 3D printing, a new line of ‘connected home’ devices called HomeSmart, and consumer insight driven creativity.

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A Sneak Peek at Sony’s stunning ad for their new 4K TV

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Creating Tough Acts to Follow
When you already have a reputation for creating amazingly memorable TV campaigns of beauty what on earth do you do next? In the case of Sony’s upcoming campaign for their new 4KTV the answer is to blanket an entire Costa Rican village with eight million flower petals.

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Pantone reminds us of the critical role colour plays in brand identity design

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These minimalist posters designed for Pantone use famous characters to remind us of the importance of color in recognition and recall.
Anyone who has ever worked in or with a brand identity design agency will be familiar with Pantone, the brand that represents the single, global, colour matching process (PMS stands for Pantone Matching System). A Pantone colour specified in artwork in Melbourne will be printed exactly as intended (almost without fail) by any printer, anywhere in the world. Pantone is the final word in colour. And when it comes to colour, nowhere is it more critical than in branding. The right choice of brand colour in your identity not only plays a key role in communicating the personality and proposition of your brand strategy, but also provides an important visual cue that connects to established conceptions of brand meaning. When husbands the world-over give their wives a gift presented in a very particular pale blue box tied with a white ribbon, she like the rest of us not only knows the gift is from Tiffany’s, but further, she values it beyond it’s metalic worth and associates a multitude of emotions established messages that are connected with that brand.

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Brand Australia, yes we can.

Brand Australia, yes we can.

Business Council of Australia makes sense.
Yes, Brand Australia is a hobbyhorse of mine (see links below). It is one brand that we all have a vested interest in building.
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A Masterclass in Retail Brand Customer Service from the Ice Cream Vendors of Turkey

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Creating Extraordinary Retail Branding Through Remarkable Customer Experiences
Retail is so much about the customer experience. Yep the product needs to hit the mark, but by-and-large products have become commoditised with manufacturers and retailers closing the product differentiation gap. As this Turkish ice cream vendor has mastered, it’s the theater you wrap around the products and services you sell that stands you out from the crowd (Check out the clip after the jump…)

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Hyundai’s latest viral ad – the future of automotive is here and now

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Empty Car Convoy from Hyundai showcases their latest smart technology
‘Smart Caring’ is Hyundai’s promise for customer satisfaction. To demonstrate their brand proposition of; ‘Smart technology to care for you, because we care for you’ they got a bunch of stunt drivers to create a convoy of empty cars… on a highway (Check the clip after the jump).
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When was the last time your brand’s light turned green?

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If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll get back less than we ever got.
With forgiveness for misquoting one of the more profound truisms of business, the sentiment is true of so many brands we encounter. When sitting down with a client for the first time to talk through the brand challenges they are facing, we are never happier than when they describe their category as a band of traffic lights that ‘never turn green’. Read the rest of this entry »

Volkswagen once again proves that simple ideas are often the most powerful

A recent print campaign by Volkswagen has honed in on the message that it’s impossible to focus on the road while texting. The campaign is beautiful in its simplicity of message and continues the VW tradition of incredibly intelligent communications.

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Pacific Brands Leadership Changes a Reminder of Innovation Challenges

Pacific Brands Leadership Changes a Reminder of Innovation Challenges

A couple of weeks ago we witnessed the demise of the CEO of Pacific Brands, because according to media reports, he and the Board did not share the same vision for the business.

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Fast Food From Farmers? How far can a brand promise stretch?

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Burger Chain’s Ballsy Brand Proposition
Walking the retail streets of Boston last month I came across this window poster trumpeting the arrival of burger chain ‘b.good‘ to town. I was struck by the proposition; ‘Food from Farmers’ as a pretty ballsy brand promise for a burger chain. In Australia we have Grill’d Burgers who’ve built their brand around a ‘healthy burger’ proposition, which whilst being of questionable virtue has been unquestionably successful for them. So standing in the bright New England sun, taking-in the b.good billboard I got to wondering just how far this type of brand promise could stretch. Read the rest of this entry »