When #’s backfire for brands

When hastags backfire

Social media has revolutionised marketing practices creating a sense of intimacy with customers and brands never before experienced. With relationships moving from transactional to social, the power of social media is being harnessed to communicate directly with customers irrespective of location. The downside is a campaign with good intentions that then spirals out of control.

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Creativity is Always the Answer – Brilliant Card Design

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Can’t Beat a Truly Creative Idea
Found this pic of a New Baby Congrats card – first it made me stop and look, second it put a smile on my face, third it made me thank the lord for creative thinkers who continue to make life better to be around. Enjoy!

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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The fart in a bottle test – How do your neighbours impact your brand?

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Oops, there goes the brand neighbourhood
The thing I love about online is that somewhere there’s someone trying to sell just about anything you can think of. Take this ‘fart in a bottle’ for instance with a bid of 99c – brilliant product design for the right consumer.

The problem is for the Xbox products on either side, whose market context  has been negatively impacted by the foul smelling beverage container. Yet so many brands – across all categories – are so busy focusing on getting to market, that they’re not aware of the market context in which they operate. For retailers, it’s the strip or shopping centre you choose for your location, for online businesses it’s the web sites with domains similar to yours, or the ones that come-up above and below you in a Google search. For corporate and professional services it’s the other businesses in your building or next door to where you’re located, and for FMCG products its the packages on either side of your shelf facing. For brands, too often the market context is ignored or overlooked as a critical factor in positioning for success.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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Virgin Hotel – using brand to reframe another category

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With the crown for the most elastic brand, Virgin has managed to reinvent and standout in many categories including music, finance, telecommunication and entertainment. In travel, they have been particularly successful in showing up heritage brands for being out of touch with customers.

Following the success of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America, the company has now launched Virgin Hotels. In keeping with the Virgin brand tradition, the hotel is another great example of a truly differentiated brand experience in every way.

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Nivea adopts ‘How the Sun Sees You’ film for new brand awareness campaign

Sun and Skin Short film 1

American short film that highlights sun damage to our skin has been adopted by skincare giant Nivea for an Australian awareness campaign.

Almost everyone is born with perfect skin, but as we age, so does the tissue in our skin. It’s up to us to try and manage how well this tissue holds up over time. Those who are more protective of their skin under the harsh sun show less damage than those who don’t. This short film explores the effect of the sun on our skin by using a special UV motion camera set up in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park with the intent of filming random passersby.

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OK that’s just cool – Prynt smartphone case instantly prints camera photos

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Gotta love a new brand with ‘baked-in’ product differentation  
Sometime you see a new product that strikes you as having particularly broad cool appeal. ‘Broad’, ‘Cool’ and ‘Appeal’ are three words that rarely fit together, but the new Prynt smartphone case is a rare breed.

The Prynt case transforms your smartphone into an instant camera, by printing photographs at the push of a button. Having seen the re-birth of the expensive and unwieldy Polaroid, along with old school photo booths popping-up at events and parties, the new generation of mass-selfie taking socialites have proven an appetite for printing those digital portraits.

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Melbourne’s Tree Branding Exercise

Melbourne's Tree Branding Melbourne

City of Melbourne has developed a really interesting way to highlight the challenges the city faces maintaining it’s famous beautiful leafy avenues. Read the rest of this entry »

Wheely’s Cafe Carts – A Coffee Franchise Concept with the Potential to Disrupt the Category

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At Truly Deeply we love a brand that disrupts the market
Any brand with the gumption to re-think the product or business model paradigm and challenge the market is cool by us. The massively, huge, global coffee market has seen its share of disruption with Starbucks leading the charge 40-odd years ago. But any market of this size and popularity is sure to be fertile ground for ongoing disruption, especially when overlaid with the burgeoning trend of personalization. As the coffee market in most of the Western world continues to grow its sophistication, individual preference for bean, brew and barista is becoming more important in the equation brand loyalty. This trend is feeding the cool, local, SME end of the cafe category, and setting the scene for a new global player.  Enter Wheely’s Cafe Carts – The world’s first global bike cafe for a better world. Read the rest of this entry »

Brand Killer another wake up call for out of touch brands

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Brand Killer is another reminder to be valuable or be ignored.

Hailed as the next step in consumer control, the head gear proudly promises to help you filter out ads and brands in real life. While it is a bit of gimmick, it is certainly a very visual reminded to brand owners of what consumers do everyday when they either physically or subliminally filter or block brands.

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Karen Walker brand continues to be a differentiator in the market

Karen Walker Brand 1

Karen walker’s clever new eyewear campaign is even better than her last!

Karen Walker’s eyewear campaigns have a glowing reputation for featuring stand out concepts for there highly lusted after eyewear. Just when you thought she couldn’t top her last season, we see Walker use a ‘celebrity’ as the face of the brand for the first time. The gorgeous redhead’s story is a true Cinderella one. She was discovered living in cruel circumstances but after being rescued, she has quickly rocketed to fame thanks to her wonderful looks, charming personality and a rather popular instagram account with over 160k followers. This season’s star is, Toast (meetsworld) – the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, a self proclaimed NYC “IT” girl, and toothless cute hobo.  Read the rest of this entry »