BBC and the stars align for some brand brilliance

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The BBC has always been a standout national broadcaster that many nations have tried to benchmark against. Now, they are reasserting their music dominance not only in the UK, but also on the global stage with the BBC Music brand launch.

This is an impressive brand gesture that leverages the strength of some of the world’s biggest artists to further cement the BBC’s reputation for creative and entertainment leadership. Best of all, this doesn’t just promote BBC’s new music service but also lifts the profile of all of all of BBCs services.

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Target Reclaims their Brand Identity and not-a-little Cool Cred with their Missoni for Target ads

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Bring Back The Brand Identity
For those of us old enough to remember there was a time when retail brand Target had a well defined, well loved position in the market. They leveraged their simple and strong brand identity through everything they did and all was happy in the world of the red and white circles. But over the last decade the brand has lost its way. As consumers have changed, Target has struggled to maintain their relevance and value proposition, and at the same time consigned their powerful brand identity asset to the back of the drawer. Whether by inspiration, strategy or coincidence, the launch of their latest TVC announcing the arrival of Missoni’s range designed for the Target has seen the retail brand get back their groove.

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The Flip Side of a Branding and Strategy grad

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Recently I had the honour of being asked to speak at AGDA Student Council’s event; First five out, along with some very talented creatives in different fields such as branding and strategy, letterpress printing and illustration.

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Simple, Beautiful, Ad Free – Ello takes on facebook leveraging Exclusivity and the Design Crowd

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Everybody loves to bitch & moan about facebook.
The role that facebook plays in the lives of its consumers has evolved from much loved with a high degree of loyalty to habitual with a degree of resentment. As the world’s first ubiquitous social network platform turns into a business, the combination of imposed advertising and restriction of message distribution (to promote its paid ‘Boost Post’ functionality) have changed the essential fabric of the brand. Whilst facebook is still very much rooted into the way much of the world communicates, the nature of it’s consumer relationships has shifted with loyalty being the loser. As yet there has been no major migration away from facebook. The sheer scale of facebook’s population means that hundreds of thousands if-not millions of users would need to jump ship before a trend could be called. But in many ways this is the perfect environment for a challenger brand to take a foothold in the category, and with no shortage of Silicon Valley dreamers, new platform Ello looks the most likely to make a play.

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Meet me at Starbucks – an interactive brand campaign

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Starbucks?
Is it the coffee? A green mermaid? Or maybe the USA? With this campaign, the global coffee giant is attempting to reinforce its emotional brand connection going beyond the coffee to reinforce their brand mantra of being the third place.

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Our first International TVC for weight loss brand Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig The Numbers

Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy putting our creative and strategic heads together to produce our very first International TVC for weight loss brand Jenny Craig. It’s been an exciting time for the brand and for our team.  Our relationship with Jenny Craig started six months ago and since then we’ve been working with their team to overhaul and reinvigorate the brand. When we first met with them to discuss re-vamping the packaging we were instantly excited about the huge potential of the brand and we couldn’t wait to help them reformulate their consumer value proposition and freshen up their brand image. Read the rest of this entry »

Those forgotten in our rush to a digital age


When I chatted last week about why Guinness resonates with people around the world, as they have always been about ‘Beer and People’ and how they position themselves at the heart of relationships, I attempted to paint a picture of the magic of the rural pub in Ireland, the characters that sit around a bar, talking about nothing really, sharing moments together over a pint of the ‘Black Shtuff”. Because today, where people are so obsessed with staring at screens, instead of catching up with friends, Guinness has always endeavoured to get people back to a social place, to have a few pints and talk shite! Sure isn’t that what friendship is all about?
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Playing at being a brand designer

The Bezier Game

Have you got the skills?

So you think you’ve got what it takes to jump on the tools and bang out a brand identity? Well, here’s a couple of web games to test you production skills. Read the rest of this entry »

The 1970 NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual, by Unimark’s Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda, reissued as a full-size book.

Brand Guidelines

The Forefather of Brand Identity Guidelines
If you found yourself in the New York City subway in the 1960s, you were probably lost. Signs didn’t help you find your way, standards didn’t exist, even handmade lettering was common. Mass confusion was the status quo. In 1970, the Standards Manual changed everything.

In 2012 Hamish and his partner Jesse Reed found a rare original copy of the Standards Manual in the basement of the design firm Pentagram. They created a website ( and sent it to a few friends who they thought would enjoy it. Within 72 hours, the website was a viral hit with a quarter of a million unique views. But seeing the Standards Manual on screen didn’t do it justice. Reed and Smyth realized that the only way to truly experience the Standards Manual was full-size in print.

In August 2014, Reed and Smyth got exclusive permission from the MTA to reissue the Standards Manual as a hardcover book, but with one condition: the reissue will only be available during the length of a 30-day Kickstarter campaign, launching this Wednesday, September 10. The Standards Manual reissue will be printed using high quality scans from the original. Every page will be included, printed only on the right hand page of the book—consistent with the single-sided page ring-binder format of the original. In addition, this exclusive reissue will include an introduction from Vignelli’s protégé and now Pentagram partner Michael Bierut, and an essay from New York magazine’s Christopher Bonanos, author of Instant: The Story of Polaroid.

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The life of a Strategy Intern

TrulyDeeply copy

After learning and developing new skills in creative design during my four months as a creative intern for Brand Union Dubai, I was keen to come back to Melbourne and take my learning to another level, develop and further my knowledge in design. My performance at Brand Union Dubai got me a referral to Michael (Managing Partner – Strategy Director) at Truly Deeply.  Read the rest of this entry »