Pantone beer is here!

Pantone Beer Packaging Branding PMS

Beer cans have been taken to a whole new creative level with Pantone coloured packaging! Inspired by the much-loved Pantone swatches, a designer has matched the labels of beer cans with the colour of the brew within.

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Smart Dutch start-up ‘Add My Window’ brings consumers to the advertising table

brand activation

Dutch start-up Add My Window is putting advertising posters into people’s front windows.
Anyone with a public facing window can hook-up with the company to rent the space out to companies looking for alternative ad space in the area. As brands look for new channels to connect with their audiences, ‘local’ advertising products are becoming highly valued, and at the same time, consumers are getting a small slice of the advertising pie.

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#ChocPlusWhat – Cadbury Dairy Milk joins forces with Vegemite


We are happy little Vegemite’s… with a sweet tooth!

There has been some speculation whether or not Cadbury Dairy Milk would join forces with Vegemite, and last week the chocolate powerhouse announced it will create a Vegemite flavoured chocolate bar that will hit the shelves in June or maybe sooner. Audrey Green explains the reason behind the bizarre idea in a statement describing its loyal customers with an “appetite for new flavours”. Green goes on to explain; we also read and listen to hundreds of comments we get from fans every day asking us for more flavours and suggesting new ones. We have seen a flavour trend towards sweet and salty combinations and felt it was time to put that to the test and create an Australian twist”. The new chocolate bar will taste like caramel with a hint of Vegemite flavour; similar to salted caramel, minus the salty and yeasty aftertaste that Vegemite is famous for. Read the rest of this entry »

Samsung’s great piece of brand engagement for Mother’s Day

brand agency

Amongst all the cringe worthy ads bombarding us this Mother’s Day, Samsung stood out, beautifully connecting both mums and their siblings with the brand.

With brands struggling to remain relevant, smart brand engagement is crucial. The Samsung ad, ‘#TextsFromMom’ is great reminder that once you truly get your audience, it makes it easy to genuinely engage with them.

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The Toughest Job in the World – A Social Media Campaign full of Engagement

brand engagement agency

The most important job is also the world’s toughest job.
Unlimited hours. No breaks. No Time to Sleep. 365 Days a Year. You can only eat lunch when the associates have finished eating their. And the position pays… absolutely nothing.

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Seeking Extraordinary Design Talent



We’re looking for a brilliant mid-weight designer to join us.
You’ll need to understand brand inside-out, have a broad range of experience with a folio to suit and a passion for working on some of the best, most challenging design projects around. The role will suit someone looking for contract that all going well transforms to permanent. If this sounds like you, send your CV and examples of work/link to online along with any questions to

TESLA new batteries will disrupt our brand world

Tesla Powerwall brand disruption

Tesla’s Powerwall Energy Storage systems and their upscale relatives for businesses and utilities are causing waves through the energy community in ways not seen since the iPhone launched and changed the way we live forever. Read the rest of this entry »

Coopers Clear Muddies the Brand

packaging agency melbourne

Brand Aligned Product Extension – It’s not Rocket Surgery
There’s no doubt product line extension is critically important to engage with an increasingly splintering consumer market. For many brands, going to market with the same handful of products with broad appeal is a sure recipe for declining market share. So why do so many businesses find combining product extension strategy and brand strategy more challenging than walking and chewing gum?

Recently Australian Brewer; Coopers launched a new product line – ‘Coopers Clear’ – to the market. Clearly the product has been developed to appeal to a new target audience, and just as clearly that audience isn’t me as I’ve no idea of the value proposition from the visual cues of the packaging or the messaging in their ad campaign. What is Coopers Clear, how is it different and why should I try it are just three questions left unanswered by the product launch. But for me the biggest question of all is; why does this new product look like a generic niche beer trying to tap-into a short term trend from one of the big multi-brand brewers, and not like a new beer from Coopers?

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Hipster cafes: Beard saturation or brand engagement masterclass?

Proud Mary cafe
Melbourne’s a city that’s obsessed with pop-up stores, gin bars and fusion food. Where coffee culture is a part of everyday life, we’ve become accustom to our flat whites being served  to us by a beard with sleeve tattoos. The tattooed beards have been with us on the journey of this food revolution, we know them of course as hipsters. More recently, business hipsters. Hipsters are not unique to Melbourne, they pop up in previously run down urban areas the world over, said area becomes up and coming, then rent prices soar within months. But I’m not here to rag on hipsters, I’ve become fascinated with their entrepreneurial ability, more precisely their ability to build powerful engaging brands that inheritantly understand their customers and connect with them on their own terms.

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Brands are failing to engage Mums

Brand agency

New research from the UK suggests that Brands who are marketing to mothers are generally failing to engage their audience.

Far from creating strong motherly bonds, brands are actually repelling their target audience. The research highlights that marketers are relying on out dated stereo types and lack real emotional insight into their audience. They appear to assume that once a women becomes a mum, she fits nicely into one homogeneous group. As a result, marketers are continuing to perpetuate ridiculous ideals that many women feel are judgemental and sexist.

The category seems to wide open for smart brands who want to create a truer, deeper brand connection.

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