Australian feminine hygiene brands leagues ahead within the category in redefining the cultural narrative

TOM Organics
Having recently moved from the UK, I’ve been impressed by with the wide array of beautifully branded tampon brands here in Australia in comparison with the English consumer range. Ladies are utterly spoilt for choice, gorgeous packaging from TOM Organics (I may be a tad bias) to Moxie. Read the rest of this entry »

Kellogg’s hit the spot with humor, innovation and imagination

 FMCG branding

Imagination + Invention = Brand Engagement that Snap, Crackle, Pops
Global breakfast cereal brand; Kellogg’s has delivered a brand gesture worthy of their standing in the world market. So often the giant market leaders are the most lazy brand builders, taking a conservative, predictable approach to engaging their market, but Kellogg’s have blown that out of the water with this one, brilliant brand idea. Working with UK designer, inventor and artist Dominic Wilcox, Kellogg’s and Wilcox have created a range of inventions and prototypes to make breakfast time the highlight of every day.

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Noosa chocolate factory keeps it’s charm by avoiding online store


Noosa chocolate factory: a chocolate lovers dream come true. Whether its rocky road you crave, or brownies you better get in quick, as stock is only kept for 7 days after production and unfortunately there is no online store. All products are hand made, and delivered freshly to all retailers.  Read the rest of this entry »

Global Goals sets a new benchmark for a powerful and engaging brand movement

Truly Deeply Global Goals

While not-for-profit movements are pretty common, this is perhaps one of the most powerful and engaging brands.

Global Goals not only draws big name supporters it has developed smart and powerful tools to make easy for everyone across the world to get involved whether it is through sport, music, their school or their work.

The Global Goals is a branded global movement designed to unite 193 world leaders and the community to commit to 17 Global Goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality & injustice. Fix climate change.

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Combating violence against women and their children: Our Watch Awards winners announced

Our Watch Brand

The first annual Our Watch Awards were held on the 10th of September. The Our Watch Awards recognise and reward exemplary reporting of violence against women, in particular reporting that highlights the causes of violence and what we as a society can do to ‘stop it before it starts’.

We’re proud supporters of this brand, not just because we helped create the brand but because we fully support the cause and couldn’t agree more that we need to talk more about this issue. The awards took place on a day marked by yet more tragedy – the murder of two more women in Queensland, and the attempted murder of another. A stark reminder that this is an issue that we all need to talk about so that collectively we can do what we can to ‘stop it before it starts’. Read the rest of this entry »

Unexpected brand canvases can deliver a big pay-off for customer engagement

brand identity designers

Stunning Images Create Memorable Brand Connections
Artist Julien Nonnon’s recent project projecting his stunning images onto buildings around the streets of Paris is a graphic reminder of the power of placing brand visual language in unexpected places. Even as go-to-market channels for brands splinter with more and different ways to communicate your marketing messages, having an eye to the innovative is the key to identifying extraordinary opportunities for brand engagement. Image projection is nothing new, and isn’t for all brands. The co-opting of public space brings with it a responsibility to inspire and entertain rather than an opportunity to ‘make the logo bigger’. But for the right brands – especially those with an ‘art project mentality’ – outdoor, public space projection is a high value ROI canvas for creating connections and conversations (both online and in the real world) with potential customers and new brand fans. Read the rest of this entry »

Value retailer Best & Less demonstrates the dollar value of branding

retail branding agency

A Graphic Demonstration of the Value of Brand
Australian value retailer Best & Less set out to demonstrate you don’t have to pay crazy prices for women’s fashion. They set-up a pop-up shop in Sydney’s CBD, branding it as LAB (an inverted acronym of Best and Less), stocking it with Best & Less product and inflating the prices dramatically. As customers bought garments to the counter to purchase they were told the price “was not actually $140, but $40″ and that they were actually a Best & Less retail outlet. Read the rest of this entry »

Uber brand engagement ‘Arriving now’ but it may be short lived

Uber Truly Deeply

Uber creates another in-car brand touchpoint with their magazine ‘Arriving Now’.

Similar to the airline magazine, Uber has started to create and curate content for their New York audience. But is a magazine format sustainable today?

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TripAdvisor addiction: the power of consumer reviews

TripAdvisor brand

The growing influence of TripAdvisor, is it good for brands? Or have we lost our sense of adventure?

After recently spending three weeks travelling in Europe I am amazed at the number of business who proudly promote their TripAdvisor rating in their window in a bid to win over passing tourists. On more than one occasion I was handed business cards and asked to “please provide a review” after visiting a restaurant. I am traditionally an avid TripAdvisor user but my last trip has me pondering whether the power of such sites is really fair to the smaller brands who are slightly off the beaten track and start ups who have a long way to go before they get enough reviews for them to surface anywhere near the top.  Read the rest of this entry »

How brand loyalty programs can kill-off customer loyalty

brand loyalty strategies

Times are tough enough in retail land without disappointing loyal customers
Last weekend my wife went shopping for some new bedding. As has become habit she headed straight to our local Adairs, a chain of homewares and manchester retail stores in Australia. We’ve been members of the Adairs loyalty program called Linen Lovers for years, joining back when our kids were little and we bought them their first beds with matching bedding. Upon presenting her Loyalty Card at the register my wife was advised that our membership had expired… that day. She was invited to join again for the $19.95 fee, but unless she rejoined she wouldn’t be able to receive the discount. My lovely wife considered the offer for all of a second, before leaving her purchases with the hamstrung shop assistant to walk across the street a purchase her manchester from the competition. Read the rest of this entry »