Helloworld – Hello new high street retail travel brand

helloworld brand

I’ve been walking past the high street travel agent ‘Helloworld’ for the last few months and it has intrigued me into the story behind the new travel brand. The brandmark is very warm and friendly and automatically feels inviting. In a market where online travel agents are dominating, it is a bold and daring move to launch a new brand into the market, but it may be just what the industry needed. Read the rest of this entry »

Creative band OK GO are not letting anyone down with their new music video.


OK GO’s new track ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ does everything but!
The American music group have created a strong reputation for highly conceptual, creative and visually interesting music videos that always leave you pressing re-play.

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Customer Loyalty – The Holy Grail for Brands

Customer loyalty branding

78% of consumers are not loyal to any particular brands – Ouch

The last decade has seen a dramatic shift is customer loyalty leading to tough times for brand managers, marketers and owners. It’s never been tougher to make a quid from business, and it turns out one of the key reasons for this is the increasingly difficult task of building long term relationships with hard won clients and customers.

But the two most pertinent questions for many of the businesses we work with are;
• Do you have a clear line of sight on who your most valuable clients and customers are? and
• What are you doing to build a genuine, personal relationship with those customers and clients?

As the pic above shows, the concept of understanding and rewarding your best customers is equally relevant for business of every shape and size.

The race that stops a nation is not really about racing

Brand Agency Melbourne

Along with the rest of Melbourne, we’ve downed tools today for a horse race. However, for most of us the day really has nothing to do with horses or even sport.

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of Melbourne’s biggest events. A powerful brand that is so much more than horses. It’s where frocks, fascinators, fillies and frolicking all come together in a week or two that celebrates everything Melbourne.

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Spooktacular brands


With the weekend that’s in it, and someone who isn’t overly interested in horse racing, but happy for my day off tomorrow, I was more interested in dressing as a zombie Beyonce at the weekend than donning a black and white number for Derby Day. I find it strange that Halloween is a big event in the social calendar in Europe and the US but Australians just aren’t that into it. And I can’t figure out why! A nation who is known for their sense of fun and loves to get involved but not Halloween.

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A Little Inspiration for the Melbourne Cup Weekend

brand guidelines agency

If you’re lucky enough to live in Melbourne you’re closing-in fast on Cup Weekend. I don’t know how many cities in the world close-up shop for the best part of four days to watch a horse race, but the fact that I live in one is pretty cool. Whether you’re into the nags, the fashion, or just an excuse to enjoy a bit of the bubbly, we thought we’d set-you-up with a little Truly Deeply philosophy.

Truly Deeply’s campaign for Jenny Craig – In the Press

best integrated brand agency

Our Integrated Campaign for Jenny Craig Makes a Splash
Our new campaign for weight loss brand Jenny Craig has been gathering plenty of attention. Our brand-oriented campaign focuses on the client/consultant relationship that differentiates Jenny Craig from the weight-loss pack. For people serious about losing weight (especially a significant amount of weight), the unique mentoring, support and advice provided in these one on one relationships adds up to double the weight loss, with one in four people citing it as the most significant influence on their weight loss journey. We think that’s a pretty impressive number and the ad has attracted an equally healthy amount of coverage. Check after the jump for press highlights and the ad itself…

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Uniqlo – Brand experience and exceptional customer service

Retail fashion brands

A month ago I had two polarising shopping experiences at H&M and Uniqlo, I couldn’t wait to get out of H&M and I spent hours in Uniqlo walking out with an unplanned bag full of goods. I was blown away by the store experience especially the customer service of Uniqlo and wanted to delve further into what made this brand experience so enjoyable. Read the rest of this entry »