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A Knock-Out Brand Canvas
We’ve written many times before about the failure of most retail brands to leverage the window space of new stores whilst they’re preparing to open. “What a ripper of a brand canvas to leave blank!” we shout in frustration. “Why wouldn’t you fill those newspaper-covered frames with some fancy brand statement to delight and create anticipation for your upcoming store opening?”

Well thank the Lord we’ve been heard – and by the savvy branders at food franchise Mad Mex no-less. These guys have cooked-up a feast of brand personality, seasoned with bold and unique visual language rich in brand story telling. Check-out the eye popping windows of their soon to be opened Chapel Street store in Melbourne, Australia:

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We Love a Good Blank Canvas
As a brand agency, there’s not much we love more than a great blank brand canvas that’s been spotted and transformed into a glowing gesture of brand communication. When we talk to our clients (and anyone else who’ll listen) about sharpening their brand strategy,  we are always big-on identifying the blank canvases that provide the opportunity to leverage your brand in remarkable ways.

We Love a Good Delivery Truck
Whilst there’s nothing new about well branded delivery trucks, there are still few examples of these moving billboards being used as canvases for brand expression. The cost to transform even a single delivery truck for a small business into a bold brand gesture is minimal, yet the investment in creative brand expression has the potential for grand pay-off.

IMG_0689 Corporate Image

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The Power of Blank Canvases
Recently we wrote about the power of blank canvases to provide businesses of all sizes with a marketing advantage. We used the example of retailers, who religiously cover the windows of their newly-leased stores with newspaper rather than recognising the potential of that property as a powerful brand canvas.

On the weekend I passed a local retailer-to-be who had possibly read our article, but definitely seen the opportunity. I snapped a pic of their windows which show that whilst doing something is better than doing nothing with your marketing – sometimes it isn’t a whole lot better.

‘Who? What? Who?’ the windows shout out to the passing traffic. ‘Very good questions’ shout back the traffic to the vacant store, ‘but we were hoping you could tell us.’ Read the rest of this entry »