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The rise of photo manipulation is changing our perception of the images we see all around us, but are these changes for better or for worse?
“I am far from saying that a photograph must be an actual, literal and absolute fact…but it must represent truth.” – Henry Peach Robinson. Photo manipulation covers a spectrum of techniques used within a wide variety of industries. It is often referred to as “retouching” or “airbrushing”.

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Hand Touching Color Code Board

Colour is a vital part of communication, and for the 285 million visually impaired people in the world, that presents a challenge. But a Portuguese designer has invented a Braille-like language that could help those very people use colours by touching raised shapes affixed to objects. Read the rest of this entry »

Children Toy Branding Design Game Posters


The Children’s Toy Foundation invited Swedish studio Bedow to design a branded poster on the theme “play” for a fund raising project.

Having ‘just’ survived the Christmas period, it is common for the stereotypical Aussie Christmas to be full of family, gift giving, shrimp on the BBQ and a lot of over indulgence. While the latter may leave you resembling a Christmas ham, the concept of gift giving can be a lovely gesture.  Unfortunately sometimes it can be blown out of proportion and we now see many families start to give gifts of charity (think Oxfam or donating directly to a chosen charity). This is a fantastic gesture and influenced my interest in this clever piece of communication for the Children’s Toy Foundation, who bring quality toys and games to under-privileged children in India. The work is not only smart and simple in thought and execution, but it is for a good cause too!

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London’s Borough Market, one of the oldest markets in the U.K., is marking its 1,000th anniversary this year and in conjunction with it’s annual Apple Day (a festival that marks the end of apple harvesting season) with a real treat for shoppers by creating a “Real Apple Store” for the weekend.

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Between Wednesday’s snack day and a debate about Mastershef, its safe to say we all love food here at Truly. But for something a little off the shelf, Collaborative Cooking is bringing our love of design, creative thinking and food together as one. Collaborative Cooking was born by designers Christian Isberg and Petter Johansson (of PJADAD), technologist Lasse Korsgaard and chef Carl Berglöf, after asking the question; “Can chefs cook together without direct communication? And what if all actions in the cooking process are direct reactions to other chef’s decisions?”

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Make mention of the name “Comic Sans” in design circles and you’re likely to be met with visceral reactions. The font, designed by Vincent Connare and released by Microsoft in 1994 is one of the most disliked fonts in the design community, and one of the most overused fonts on office notice boards.

But is it really that bad? Yes, yes it is. But at least now, something positive is coming from it.
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Massimo vignelli-IMG_0958

As an agency that sees a number of designers through its doors, many of us have been influenced by the amazing legacy left by Massimo Vignelli, who passed away early this week. He was an inspiration to the design community and many have left their own thoughts. While many of us would have our own fond memories, no one said it better than Michael Bierut and we think it’s worth sharing here.

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Faehrenkemper photography image making

This Sunday marks the end of the Ballarat international Foto Biennale; so if you haven’t already paid it a visit, I recommend an excursion to our gold rush town to roam the streets, cafes and galleries for a tone of world-class photography. There is an extraordinary amount of work to cover, but the photography of Claudia Fährenkemper is definitely not to be missed. Read the rest of this entry »

Art is evocative and emotional and to many people the meaning revolves around the subject matter and composition. Artist, Arthur Buxton invites us to look at art in new ways, to perceive it differently. Engaging and interesting in their intent, he has developed a new way of looking at color schemes.

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