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A Tribute to Authentic Brand Strategy and Design
Few global brands hold the same level of love as Vespa, the iconic Italian scooter manufacturer. French creative agency No Moon have created an animated tribute that documents the evolution of the vespa from 1943 through to the present day. Over the last seventy years few brands have evolved their product so little, yet remained the iconic market leader – a truly inspiring example of brand strategy embracing authenticity, driven through product design (with the odd amusing exception) – Check the animation after the jump…

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UK Designer Peter Saville creates a limited edition range for Lacoste with a brand identity design twist
To be launched in November this year, Saville has created a new range of polo shirts with a surprising twist; the polos feature a range of re-imagined versions of the iconic Lacoste crocodile logo.
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How this Food Concept in the Crowded New York Market is using Buckets of Personality to Create an Exceptional Retail Brand
Exploring the retail scene of New York last month I came across this great concept; Rice to Riches’ in New York’s SoHo. The store was closed so I wasn’t able to sample their wares, but the brand voice talking to me from their retail frontage was enough to make my mouth water. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pixar’s recently released animated short Paperman is winning rave reviews from the online underground. This wonderful six minute film is perhaps the shortest yet sweetest love story told – a lesson for brands looking to shift their focus from traditional product and price oriented advertising to making indelible emotional connections. (Check out Paperman after the jump)

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The Future of Advertising
I was out to dinner a couple of weeks ago with a group of friends enjoying an evening of Italian food, great wine and conversation. As the meal progressed, iPhones appeared and disappeared seamlessly recording and sharing the experience through a social web beyond our table of eight.

That experience reflects the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the changes in the way many people connect and communicate. The lines between work and after hours are no longer discernible. Likewise, the lines between channels of media and entertainment continue to blur. On any evening in almost any home across Australia the TV may be on as usual, but as it’s being watched, emails are being checked and sent, Instagram, Twitter and facebook are being updated, shared and reviewed, web sites are being surfed and video content from youtube and beyond is being watched simultaneously. When it comes to what we do with our down-time and the way we consume the content we choose – the tipping point has been and gone.

No longer can you measure our evening of media in 30 minute chunks with 30 second ads – the boundaries are down and it’s all about freestyle. Interestingly this puts the focus entirely back onto the relevance of the content – which is as it should be for the consumer. But for brands the challenge continues to grow as it becomes tougher and tougher to connect with an audience who have more choices of where to focus their attention.

Testament to this was a recent review we carried-out of the top ranking branded videos on youtube from the past few months that are almost all longer than the conventional video ad – one is 30 secs, one is a little over a minute and the rest are all longer.

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It’s game-on and most of us want to play.

June 2013
David Ansett & Peter Singline

Last month we wrote about Amazon’s recently launched online store which is solely dedicated to the Over 50 market.

Amazon offers us a glimpse into the future, where online retailers truly have an intimate understanding of a market – how they like to shop, what they like to buy, and what complimentary product purchases positively add to their lives. We observed that the ultimate endgame is for online retailers to leverage their ‘Big Data’ to literally create a ‘segment of one’. That is, totally personalized marketing.

However, let’s pause for a moment and reflect on the data inputs that make a ‘segment of one’ a possibility. The digital world has for a while been beating its chest over what it sees as the power of Big Data.  It has been suggested that ninety per cent of the data ever created has been generated in the past two years. Our digital interconnectedness and ever increasing propensity to declare to the world our every move, thought and purchase decision has produced an avalanche of data ripe for analysis.

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Last month we wrote an article for The Melbourne Review that explored the direction of market focused specialty retail. In the article we mentioned a client we’d worked with many moons ago who had a concept for an all male retail store. Well, the innovative, revolving retail space STORY is presenting HIS Story for their summer concept, an installation of 140 brands focused on men’s fashion and grooming products.

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Last year when we created the brand and identity system for the guys at Bounce we had no idea it’d be quite this epic… (Watch the clip after the jump) Read the rest of this entry »

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Data & the New Digital Age.

By Chris Ongarello on – 19 April 2013

As I continue to get inspiration from Eric Schmidt’s new book, The New Digital Age, Reshaping the future of people, nations and business and the great quote I posted on Facebook “Information, like water, will always find a way through”, it’s time we all made a case for more open data so the information we long for is ready and waiting for us.

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The Art of Creating Evocative Spaces
Each June I look forward to clamping my eyes on the work from this year’s Venice Art Biennale. The breadth and quality of work represented guarantees there’s always something inspiring to be seen. This year as I admired the installations I was struck by how the Biennale differs from most exhibitions – and that is by the nature of art created for installation. Art installations take-on an empty, neutral space and create an evocative and meaningful experience for those who enter.

Having worked in the property category, creating brands for apartments, residential developments & larger planned communities for many years, I was struck by the relevance of the Biennale’s work to display execution of property projects. Display suites and larger display centers are first and foremost meant to be spaces that inspire, that move people – spaces that create an emotional response. Yet the universal approach of the industry is so one dimensional – to reflect the interior design of the product, with a brief tip of the hat to local amenity. Having worked on a few, I know all-to-well the consistency of approach – map of community/apartment, house layouts, list of local amenity, location map with local landmarks, photos of happy families/hip young apartment dwellers/empty nesters enjoying their new life style.

What an opportunity there is to take inspiration from the bold, emotive gestures of the Venice Art Biennale and turn your displays into surprising, memorable and striking spaces that move people.

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