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We have the pleasure of penning this month’s article from the ‘cool’, in all ways, city of Helsinki. 2012 is Helsinki’s year as the World Design Capital. The theme for the year places an emphasis on openness, continuity, collaboration and the social dimensions of design. They are promoting the concept of Open Helsinki with a broad agenda – a city where information, ideas, thoughts and people can move freely without unnecessary creativity-hampering obstacles. It is as much about the design process as about design per se.

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retail brand agencyThis year we began writ­ing a reg­u­lar col­umn on brand­ing for The Mel­bourne Review. This third of our arti­cles presents an insight into the new world of retail and the struggle of traditional retailers to adapt.

Twenty five year old student Jessica Waters was recently quoted as saying “I don’t buy more than I used to, but I buy differently…” and in those simple words she eloquently summed up the quandary facing Australia’s retailers.

Traditional retailers such as department stores, bulk electronics, whitegoods and homeware stores can today be typically identified as undifferentiated generalists. In their time they had a relevant role in the retail landscape, but as the world of shopping and shoppers changed over the last two decades towards niche specialist retail, they have not evolved with it.

Meanwhile a new generation of retail brands have emerged, defined by their appetite to be truly exceptional in one or more defining dimension of their business. This new breed of retail brands move quickly, adopting new technologies, sensing new consumer movements and building brand fans as naturally as they draw breath.

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This year we began writing a regular column on branding for The Melbourne Review. This second of our articles explores the impact of private label brands on the retail landscape.

Whichever way you cut it, the growth in private label brands is going to continue within Australian supermarkets.

Consumers in Australia are increasingly seeing private label products as representing great value. A recent AC Nielsen research report into the power of private label brands globally found an average of 69% of all respondents agreed that ‘supermarket own brands are usually extremely good value for money’. In Australia 81% shared this sentiment.

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