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Brand Agency Melbourne

Last week ‘The Age’ newspaper reported that Australia’s largest home builder Metricon is suing a product review website for publishing misleading reviews about its main competitor without disclosing they were solicited as part a promotion to win an iPad mini. Read the rest of this entry »

Brand Australia, yes we can.

Business Council of Australia makes sense.
Yes, Brand Australia is a hobbyhorse of mine (see links below). It is one brand that we all have a vested interest in building.
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Pacific Brands Leadership Changes a Reminder of Innovation Challenges

A couple of weeks ago we witnessed the demise of the CEO of Pacific Brands, because according to media reports, he and the Board did not share the same vision for the business.

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Apple Brand’s Appetite for the Environment and SalesIt is a fabulous initiative that Apple will allow its Australian customers to trade in their iPhones and iPads for credit towards new models. 
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Asylum Seeker Attitude leaves Australian Brand Overboard

If you live in Australia you cannot have missed the harsh realities of the manic hardline approach the Government has adopted towards asylum seekers, attempting to reach Australian shores by boat. I will not attempt to summarise what has been occurring, but at every level I personally find it distressing and bewildering that we can be party to such an inhumane approach.

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Where are brands adding meaningful happiness?

Last week I mentioned my recent trip to Nepal and Bhutan to conduct entrepreneur workshops for young people in those two countries. 

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48 Hours to Market

Shorten the time frame for brand action
I have just had the privilege of returning from a two-week visit to Nepal and Bhutan running a series of entrepreneur workshops. The program is a result of a number of fellow EO members coming together and forming an organisation called T Foundation, as a vehicle for sharing entrepreneurial thinking to assist young people to become more self-determining. Read the rest of this entry »

Harley Davidson on an interesting segmentation ride

Bad Ass or not.
Harley Davidson are about to launch two new motorcycles models in US, targeted firmly at the female rider.

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Brand Storytelling should evolve not stallWine brands are the masters of storytelling – reclaim it!
Last weekend The Age newspaper ran an article by Ralph Kyte-Powell advocating that wineries are rediscovering the value of a great story and a name.

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