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London’s aBuzz About ‘Unpackaged
London has long been one of the worlds greatest retail cities – a place where new concepts are launched and sunk every day with barely a ripple to mark their passing. As they say in the classics – ‘If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere…’. Into this buzzing retail landscape, old school food store ‘Unpackaged‘ was quietly launched four years ago as a market stall and over the ensuing years has grown to become a much loved and powerful little retail brand in a charming shop at 42 Amwell Street, London.

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Fashion is one of those things that’s in our lives everyday and I must admit I don’t mind my fashion nor fashion brands, especially when one is so on brand and the experience you get (brand and all) is so memorable! Which label I hear you ask? G-Star!

Aside from the G-Star corporate image being so powerful and recognisable, the whole experience you get from the moment you walk into a store to the moment you walk out with your new purchases is just magical.


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