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Sometime ago before the release of 20th Century Fox’s movie ‘Chronicle’, viral marketing agency Thinkmodo was approached to bring the movie to the people. The film follows three friends as they form a close bond after receiving telekinetic and flying abilities from an unknown object. In perfect reflection to the low budget movie, so was the marketing. The agency custom built three remote controlled aircraft shaped like humans and put them in the air over New York and New Jersey.

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The turn of Winter makes the mind wander to travel
Winter has hit with full force here in Melbourne and most minds in the studio have been wandering to ideas of travel and sun. Some of us, the fortunate ones, have been quite lucky to see a little bit of sun so far. I was one of these lucky people. While exploring the Daintree Rainforest (situated in Tropical North Queensland) with my partner Sarah, I realised I could definitely be more proactive in capturing in a creative way, the unique travel experiences that I have with her.

In times of heavily used social media, youtube, facebook, twitter and vimeo (just to name a few), we see more and more people using technology to share unique travel experiences in creative ways.  Some great examples of people capturing their own personal journeys came to my mind. See after the jump.

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Today it’s more critical than ever for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors and make memorable connections with their consumers by creating unique, recognisable brands. Every touch point of a brand plays a vital role in brand recall, but the brandmark is the heart and soul of a brand’s image. As awareness of branding grows and more businesses invest in their brand’s identity, colour is becoming more important for companies looking to differentiate themselves visually. In today’s tech-savvy society a website is a main touch point for a brand.

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Here at Truly Deeply, we occasionally take a break from our brand design obsession to enjoy random acts of creativity – just like this cool animation created with tea candles.