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Ausbrokers Annual Report 2014 Cover

Austbrokers Holdings Ltd is a diversified and vertically integrated company operating across the full spectrum of risk management and insurance. We were engaged by Austbrokers to re-frame their brand to align with the vision of the business and communicate that vision to business partners, their clients and the investment community. This annual report was the first time the business communicated with their shareholders using the new brand visual language.

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The Brotherhood of St Laurence is one of the most influential Not-For-Profit organisations in the country working to change the paradigms of society that impact the marginalized and less fortunate in our community. The CEO recognized the annual report as a powerful platform to present his vision, and in us recognized the right agency to help create the right messaging and annual report design.

The Challenge
Capturing the enormity and detail of the Brotherhood of St Laurence vision in a manner the did it justice, and faithfully communicated it through their printed reports.

The Solution
A big vision called for a big format and accordingly we designed the annual report to be printed at broadsheet size. We designed the visual language to speak from the streets with a gritty combination of typography and photography. The messaging was crafted to capture some big ideas and express them simply and powerfully.

Our services engaged to assist Austbrokers with their annual report:
Annual report design, layout and typesetting, photo shoot & art direction, copywriting, print management.

The report was voted the Most Effective Annual Report produced in Australia for that reporting period by th Australian Graphic Design Association, beating-out a whole host of reports produced with much larger budgets and for more creative clients.

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Turnbull Bros brand identity Intro Image

Steeped in more than 100 years of heritage, Turnbull Brothers Orchards is a compelling story of our family’s dedication to the land and a passion to deliver Australia’s finest fruit. An approach that has us sensitively and intelligently working with nature in a way that our fruit is gifted with the best of what nature can offer.

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Over Fifty Group

Over Fifty Group Logo

OFM Investment Group needed a more appropriate name and brand for themselves, as their full name (Over Fifty Mutual Investment Group) suggested that they were an investment firm that specialised in retirement funding for over fifty year olds but their brand wasn’t getting the cut through needed.

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FNI Annual Report Cover

We were approached by Florey Neuroscience Institutes to design their 2008 Annual Report. With a brief to update existing brand visual language, we developed a new brand look and feel that is scientific, professional and bold, that would be eventually rolled out through other FNI brand communications.

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Acrux Annual Report

A Year of Delivering Value. We’ve been partnering with Acrux (a specialty pharmaceutical company based in Australia) to design their corporate communications since 2002 when we first worked with them on the prospectus.

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Ansvar Insurance Annual Report

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Ansvar Annual Report 2008 Design

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Acrux Annual Report 2008

We worked with Acrux to design their 2008 Annual Report. 2008 was a year on which Acrux achieved key advances in product commercialisation. We identified the key themes and supporting themes for the business to communicate for the year. The design and photography of the annual report reflected the key themes; products, partnerships and strong passionate leadership.

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Acrux Annual Report

More Products, More Partners. We identified using our annual report communication planning process, the key themes for the business to communicate for the year. Within the 2006-2007 period Acrux had transformed their business developing some serious commercial momentum within the Pharmaceutical marketplace. This in turn had put them in a strong position to return greater value for their shareholders.

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