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The Centre for Ethical Leadership, Ormond College, University of Melbourne (CEL) conducts internationally regarded academic research and delivers programs and tools to develop the ethical leadership capability of senior and emerging leaders. The CEL’s work is undertaken in partnership with a range of major organisations in both the profit and not for profit sectors and an extensive network of domestic and international academic collaboration.

The brand strategy and identity developed for CEL communicates equilibrium and strength, with bold, stacked typography balancing on a tilting board. The triangle is a key feature of the visual language and represents ‘cutting through’ the noise of our complex world.
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The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) was established in 2009 and is a powerful alliance of nine successful Victorian organisations committed to control cancer; Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne Health (including The Royal Melbourne Hospital), The University of Melbourne, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, The Royal Women’s Hospital, The Royal Children’s Hospital (incorporating the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute), Western Health, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (including St Vincent’s Institute) and Austin Health (including the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute and Austin Lifescienes).

The vision for the VCCC is to save lives through the integration of cancer research, education and patient care. Through innovation and collaboration, the VCCC will drive the next generation of improvements in prevention, detection and cancer treatment.

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Sitting within the Bombora Technology Group, Zoak is a new brand to represent the technical and programming talents of Ausregistry. These services are sold to external clients and include software developmeny and infrastructure promising services.

Following the development of the new group brand, Bombora Technologies, we needed an identity that would sit on par with the Bombora brand. While Zoak shares Bombora’s company values and drive, it also needed to reflect a company that is the leading provider of tailored software and infrastructure solutions.

Given the name, Zoak, we had to create an identity that spoke of a modern, agile development and infrastructure company. It needed to feel part of the same family as the new Bombora identity while not being a simple iteration of it.


Design Solution
The identity is based on an Escher-esk three-dimensional Z. Like its parent brand Bombora, Zoak pulses with energy. “It speaks of the simple progressive, stepped nature of modern software development and the networked nature of infrastructure projects. The new identity features a palette of warm orange that changes to a zingy yellow on a neutral grey, underpinned by a simple clean sans-serif font,” says Derek Carroll, Creative Director and Partner, Truly Deeply.

Truly Deeply developed the brand identity design, visual language and stationery.


Bombora Technologies Group is focussed on building, managing and supporting Internet solutions for the world’s leading businesses and governments.

Originally known as AusRegistry Group, the company has carved out an enviable reputation as a specialist in the development of high-volume, complex, transaction-based Internet systems during the past 10 years.

As the business evolved, it became apparent that the brand positioning and identity was outmoded and far less dynamic than the organisation.

The previous identity looked like a relic of the first Internet boom, making the company look like a simple domain
name reseller rather than an organisation at the heart of the Internet.

The client needed a new name and identity that befitted an organisation that operates at the top levels of Internet hierarchy. We needed to create an identity that would project the essence of the brand and visually establish the credibility and gravitas of the company.

The client wanted a brandmark that brought to life the new name with something cultural or sculptural that clearly distinguished the brand from their competitors and peers. Another layer of consideration was how the brand could reflect the image of an employer of choice to help Bombora attract the best talent in the industry, in particular programmers and engineers.

The more we explored the ever-changing world of the Internet; along with the dynamic nature of the organisation there was a need to project a feeling of dynamism and energy. The brand had to provide strong cues of an organisation for the times, but with a feeling of immediate dependability.

From a strategic perspective, we positioned the brand as the proven performers in mission critical delivery. It was about building robust code but also fluid enough in application to be relevant and suitable to the ever changing face of the Internet. This was defined by their essence of ‘stand up, deliver and thrive’.

In an Internet age of mobility and devices, security and mission critical delivery needs proven capability, the very heritage the Bombora Technologies brand could claim.

Truly Deeply worked collaboratively with the client to explore naming options that aligned to the new brand positioning.
To the client’s credit, they came up with the inspiration for the name Bombora Technologies. An indigenous Australian term for an area of large sea waves breaking over a shallow reef, Bombora represents an incredible wave of energy and opportunity within the Internet world that is now going to be served by Bombora Technologies.

Whilst global in activities and function, the new name rooted them proudly back to Australia – a theme that was important for the stakeholders.

Design Solution
Truly Deeply took a simple and elegant approach to the design and this resulted in a beautiful visual piece of art.
Building on the name’s meaning, Truly Deeply crafted solutions based around the drive and flow created by waves as a transfer of energy.


“We ended up with something that has the sophistication of a tailored suit but the simplicity of a ripple. The brandmark is a waveform that is wrapped around itself to form a crown.

“The new brand design speaks of the physical nature of the Internet business Bombora Technologies operates in but also the energy of the organisation and it’s team. It moves in colour and energy from a neutral grey to a pop pink while weaving and dipping. The delicate wave crown is underpinned by a clean, no-nonsense modern serif type mark with a delta A to add a cutting edge to the whole identity.”

Truly Deeply created a comprehensive brand DNA and positioning, narrative, brand decode, brand identity design, visual language and stationery.

The new Bombora brand has been extremely well received both internally and externally. It has also united and provided a strong direction for staff and directors.

“Throughout our rebrand journey, we learned more about who we are and where we want to be than what we had anticipated. It’s been a cathartic experience for our staff and our directors, which we will translate to our stakeholders and clients alike. We all believe in our brand essence to Stand Up, Deliver and Thrive every day.” Adrian Kinderis, chief executive officer, Bombora Technologies.

Bio Pacific Partners CMYK

BioPacific Partners are expert advisors and brokers of new deals between innovators in food, health and agriculture sectors with market-facing parties (generally large corporations). This is a new service offering that builds on the founders’ relationships and reputation established through their previous venture fund BioPacific Ventures. Read the rest of this entry »

Classic Residences billboard
Retirement Alliance – A new brand that reflects a group of successful and premium retirement villages.

Our work with Becton began in 2008 when we developed their brand architecture framework. With a reputation in property and construction, we needed to consider how the new retirement living offerings would be best represented to the market. The result was the creation of a differentiated Becton retirement group brand and the development of a family of brands, with a consistent look and feel across the different retirement villages.

As part of the creation of the retirement living brand, we developed a new brand strategy framework that was centred on ‘enriching lives’ and supported by a set of brand behaviours known as the ‘Five Fs’.

The global financial crisis put enormous strain on Becton’s highly geared property development and construction business. In 2011, the media speculation about Becton’s financial viability gained momentum. Despite the retirement division operating as a successful and profitable business in its own right, it was felt that the brand association to Becton had the potential to negatively impact and hold back the retirement business.


While differentiated as a brand, the retirement living business still shared the Becton name. We needed to audit the brand and understand what impact the name and brand link to Becton was having on purchasing decisions at the individual villages and whether the group retirement brand needed a change of name and identity.

In November 2012, we conducted primary research of various stakeholders across the retirement group. We interviewed staff, recent residents and the prospects that were lost across their villages.


Our research did discover some concern around Becton and the impact this was having on people’s decision to purchase at the villages. However, while knowing who owned and managed the village was important, residents placed more emphasis on the importance of the local village brand.

When Becton’s property development and construction business went into receivership in February 2013, it became imperative to decouple the retirement business and establish a new name and identity.

Rather than create a completely new group brand, the research highlighted an opportunity to hero the positive reputation of the local villages and transfer this brand equity back into the group brand.


The new name ‘Retirement Alliance’ reflects the strong partnerships that exist between owners, residents and staff. The concept of an alliance also supports the brand architecture strategy to create a stronger alignment from the group brand to the villages.

Retirement Alliance’s brand positioning and DNA still reflects a passion to create enriching living experiences for over 55s and this is supported by the ‘Five F’ brand behaviours.

Design Solution
The new brandmark was inspired by the village brands that we created in 2008. The five petals of the rosette in the village brands have always represented the ‘Five Fs’. As we were redesigning the new group brand, we had the opportunity now reflect a closer connection between the group and village brands.

The rosette was reimagined in a more sophisticated metallic colour to distinguish it from the villages and ensure it stands out amongst its corporate peers. A new font and a colour palette deliberately shifts the brand away from its Becton past and provides a contemporary and corporate brand that clearly brings the family of villages together.

A new design framework was also developed to enable the village brands to continue to hero their unique place identity with a strong family link back to the parent brand through the use of colour and the ‘rosette’ icon.

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Truly Deeply provided stakeholder and customer primary research, brand positioning and strategy, brand architecture, naming, brand identity design, advertising and communication strategy, design and management. Truly Deeply also created a team of digital, web and video experts to redesign and market the website as well as develop a sales video.

YouTube Preview Image

“Truly Deeply have developed a deep understating of our business and the sector in which we operate over many years. Their response to our changing business imperatives, brought on by the calamities of the GFC, was considered and decisive at a very important time.

The end result was a smooth transition to a new brand for our organisation, retaining the good bits and leaving the rest behind. Most importantly, the process established a high level of confidence amongst our customers, staff and investors about our business strength as well as an increased excitement for our future.

Our rebranding is essentially complete and our business is thriving – Truly Deeply has been a critical partner to this success.”
Stuart Nicholson, CEO Retirement Alliance.

KOOL10622 EDM V2

A whole new direction and image Australia’s leading hand-stamped jewellery brand
Truly Deeply helped Koolman to stand out, take leadership position in hand-stamped jewellery and build a powerful connection with their audience.
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Etto, creating a new brand and category for Italian street food. With quick service traditionally limited to burgers, chicken and pizza, Etto is not only another offer, it is reshaping the category and introducing Italian street food to Australians. Truly Deeply partnered with Etto’s founder to help realise a vision, shape the business and create a thriving brand-led offer.

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