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Momu-Brandmark – Next generation home builder brand

Momu is a new home builder in Perth. Driven by a powerful belief system and distinctive identity, Momu is boldly reshaping the home building market. With a tech savvy audience in mind, Momu is big on customer empowerment and light on old fashioned salesmen.

Momu is part of a leading building group that has many years’ experience building homes in Perth but they needed a standalone brand to target a new audience segment.

Momu-Cover – Next generation home builder brand

The brand needed to be feel intuitive and genuine to build meaningful engagement with its audience. We needed it feel like ‘their’ brand without using the GenY clichés.

With a demanding and savvy audience, just looking different was not enough. The brand needed real substance to represent a home builder who thinks like its customers and delivers an outstanding brand experience at every step of the journey.

Momu-Brochure – Next generation home builder brand

The audience research revealed a strong distrust and frustration with home builders but also a desire to be more involved in the building process. There was lots of opportunity to differentiate but it couldn’t be just through clever messaging or offers. We needed to rethink everything.

At it’s heart, the brand needed to drive a completely different approach to building a home. One that makes building your own home genuinely engaging, empowering and exciting.

Momu – Cards – Next generation home builder brand

The Momu brand proposition is built around the audience, their needs and aspirations. The mantra of the brand is written from the audience’s point of view and champions how we want the customer to feel; “it’s their life, their home and their way”.

The brand belief system inspired a customer facing manifesto that makes a commitment to its customers. This has also motivated the business to completely rethink buying and building a home. Momu’s signature online tool, ‘Canvas’ enables customers to design their own home online. They are also committing to educating the market about all aspects of buying and building, being transparent on costs, a no-pressure sales approach and contributing to the social good.

Momu-Manifesto-Mobile – Next generation home builder brand

The Strategy also provided a solid brief for the name. After crowdsourcing, a series of creative workshops and testing, we selected Momu. An invented name, Momu was created from ‘your moment’ and inspired by the audience’s love of ‘living in the moment’.

Building on personalisation of the brand, we also developed a very different approach to naming the different floor plans. Instead of the industry convention of famous places or people, we created a functional naming convention that is based on the size and type of home. This ensures product names don’t compete with the Momu brand name and encourages the customer to create and name their own home.

Momu – Stationery – Next generation home builder brand

Design Solution
Dialling up the architectural nature of home customisation, the Momu brandmark plays with the idea of the blueprint of the home. Created with unique custom letter shapes that combine to create the structural footprint of a house.

Drawing on the cues of the Bauhaus, with a confident linear form, the characters celebrate the nature of the built form. The letter shapes literally remind us that we can push and pull the form to our will to make a home that is uniquely ours.

Momu-Sign – Next generation home builder brand

“I’ve worked with the Truly Deeply team twice before on land development projects in Canberra and Perth and was impressed with their process and outcomes. I approached them for the Momu brand development because I needed a true multi-tiered brand, not just an identity.

The response has been exactly as expected. We’re cutting through, we’re being talked about (by competitors and customer) and the feedback from our target young female audience has been perfect. They get it. They love it.” Dion Warnock, General Manager, Momu.

How we helped Momu
Truly Deeply provided Momu with a market review and decode, customer research consulting, brand proposition and strategy, brand naming, product naming strategy, brand identity design and guidelines.

Visit Momu’s website to find out more about the brand and have a go at designing your home!


The Task
Warriewood Square Shopping Centre is undergoing an $85 million redevelopment, to be completed by June 2016. The brief to Truly Deeply was two fold, to develop the pitch to attract retailers and also to reposition the centre to appeal to shoppers in the trade area.



Strategic and design solution
Truly Deeply created a new creative concept to bring the centre’s new brand proposition of “Northern beaches, where coastal style meets quality” to life. The visual style is designed to embrace the community’s passion and parochial pride and reflect a quality experience unique to Northern Beaches. The design allows the centre to play up its pillars of ‘family friendly’, ‘celebrating coastal style’ and ‘embracing healthy outdoor life’.



The ‘Square’ creates a strong frame that combines strong and aspirational imagery to hero the unique sense of Northern Beaches lifestyle. The visual style provides a striking and distinctive look that ties all communication together but is also flexible enough to be dialled up or down and tailored to different audiences, retail and seasonal offers.

The concept was further tailored to develop into a leasing brochure, website, development video  and communications to sell the centre’s new development and the opportunity to potential retailers.






How we helped Warriewood Square
Campaign identity, positioning line, leasing brochure, website design, in-centre signage, hoarding, fencing, campaign video.


Warriewood-Hoarding Low Res



When we started working with this brand it was called Aged Foot Care, a name and brand that fell short of really communicating what it stood for and brought to the lives of the people it touched.

We first sought to understand what was at the core of the brand and developed a compelling brand strategy that ignited what was at the very heart of the business and gave it permission to build a compelling proposition and vision. Read the rest of this entry »


Overview and result
Austbrokers Holdings Ltd is a diversified and vertically integrated insurance company operating across the full spectrum of risk management and insurance. The Austbrokers business has grown rapidly in recent years creating a group of insurance professionals powered by best of breed back office smarts. The brand strategy that was developed gave the organisation clarity on their differentiated value proposition to B2B audiences. The strategy defined key brand messages allowing the business to communicate those propositions to audiences for the first time. A fresh toolkit of visual brand language was designed to truly reflect the professionalism and intelligence of the business. Read the rest of this entry »


Colonnades is the largest shopping centre in Southern Adelaide at the gateway to the Fleurieu Peninsula and McLaren Vale. The centre is located within one of Adelaide’s fastest growth areas, at the heart of South Australia’s premier holiday destination it is known for its picturesque beaches and stunning rural scenery. It is also growing a reputation as a ‘foodie’ destination with boutique wineries and outstanding fresh produce and seafood. Read the rest of this entry »

Truly Deeply

The Our Watch Awards were created to recognise reporting that highlights the causes of violence and what we as a society can do to ‘stop it before it starts’.

Our Watch is an Australia-wide, independent, not-for-profit organisation working to raise awareness and engage the community in action to prevent violence against women and their children. Read the rest of this entry »


The Centre for Ethical Leadership, Ormond College, University of Melbourne (CEL) conducts internationally regarded academic research and delivers programs and tools to develop the ethical leadership capability of senior and emerging leaders. The CEL’s work is undertaken in partnership with a range of major organisations in both the profit and not for profit sectors and an extensive network of domestic and international academic collaboration.

The brand strategy and identity developed for CEL communicates equilibrium and strength, with bold, stacked typography balancing on a tilting board. The triangle is a key feature of the visual language and represents ‘cutting through’ the noise of our complex world.

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The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) was established in 2009 and is a powerful alliance of nine successful Victorian organisations committed to control cancer; Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne Health (including The Royal Melbourne Hospital), The University of Melbourne, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, The Royal Women’s Hospital, The Royal Children’s Hospital (incorporating the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute), Western Health, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne (including St Vincent’s Institute) and Austin Health (including the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute and Austin Lifescienes).

The vision for the VCCC is to save lives through the integration of cancer research, education and patient care. Through innovation and collaboration, the VCCC will drive the next generation of improvements in prevention, detection and cancer treatment.

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Sitting within the Bombora Technology Group, Zoak is a new brand to represent the technical and programming talents of Ausregistry. These services are sold to external clients and include software development and infrastructure consulting services.

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Bombora Technologies Group is focussed on building, managing and supporting Internet solutions for the world’s leading businesses and governments.

Originally known as AusRegistry Group, the company has carved out an enviable reputation as a specialist in the development of high-volume, complex, transaction-based Internet systems during the past 10 years.

As the business evolved, it became apparent that the brand positioning and identity was outmoded and far less dynamic than the organisation.

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