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2018 Craft Beer Branding Trends.

  Beer + artisanal craftsmanship + great design. What’s not to love about craft beer? Show me an consumer category dominated by large corporations, and I’ll show you a craft revolution waiting to happen. After decades of the world beer market being owned by the…

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Skol and the art of brand reputation recovery.

When Brands get it Wrong. It never ceases to amaze me the way in which brand-consumer relationships continue to play-out in the same way as regular human relationships. This is no-where more apparent than when brands get it wrong. And there’s no doubt brands do…

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How Bud defied consumer research to create a viral campaign

Creating a viral campaign with moments of nonsense and fun. If you’ve come across the “Dilly Dilly” movement on social media recently, you can thank Bud Light for turning the phrase into a catch-cry for the end of 2017. In a recent interview with Business…

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Refreshingly beautiful beer packaging design from Norway

Krone Organic Pilsner – A deliciously refreshing drop of beer branding. Norwegian brewery; Norbrew have released a new Pilsner called ‘Krone’, which is Norwegian for ‘Crown.’ The product is brewed using just four organic raw ingredients. This simple brewing recipe is reflected in the packaging…

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Cheers to Toast – A Beer Brand With A Heady Purpose

All Beer Brands Are Not Born Equal. Researching this new craft beer brand from the UK I came across an interesting stat. The fresh bread consumer trend that has swept the globe has led to more than 40% of the bread baked daily around the…

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Sol Search – A consumer engagement tool to connect beer lovers with up-and-coming bars

Brilliant Brand Engagement from Sol Beer Mexican beer brand Sol has consistently built their consumer proposition around authentic Mexican beer heritage and the Espiritu Libre (Free Spirit). Owned by Heineken, the beer brand’s language can tend towards re-hashed hyperbole – a little like Mexican beer…

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Ex-wife Bitter – the Power of a Brilliant Brand Name

Nothing’s Colder than an Ex. The Truly Deeply brand team were enjoying a Friday arvo pub lunch up at The Clarendon a couple of weeks ago when one of our guys spotted a point of sale promo for Ex-wife Bitter. The brand name was so…

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