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What are you doing to Surprise and Delight with your branding?

A beautiful Brand Gesture The Lake House in Dayelsford, Regional Victoria is one of my favourite places to retreat from the hustle and bustle of life, enjoy amazing local produce and of course get a little pampering action. So for my recent wedding anniversary we…

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Meet Hygge, the Cosy New Consumer Trend.

Feel like staying home this weekend? curling-up on the couch under a cozy rug in your PJs with candles burning, a glass of red from Vino Mofo, dinner from UberEats and a movie on Netflix?  Turns-out you’re not alone, but part of the global consumer…

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30 disturbing old ads you'd never see on Madmen

What were they thinking? Frighteningly Insulting Retro Advertising. If advertising campaigns reflect the values of society at a particular point in time, then these ads from last century show us what a racist, sexist, ignorant and insulting hundred-odd-years they were. From selling fire-arms to children,…

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Brand promiscuous behaviour: analysing daily brand consumption

Are we loyal to the brands we use on a daily basis or do they simply serve a purpose ready to be traded in for the next best alternative that comes along? We often talk about how brand loyalty is a dying art with more and more…

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The psychology of colour and successful brand design.

Understanding the psychology of colours is vital to designing a successful brand. Our human instincts enable us to react to a wide range of different colours with varying emotions. This knowledge is important for designers to harness, with the power of colour psychology bringing resonance to…

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Is the global movement to ban urban billboards a passing phase or the future?

A world without advertising billboards – Reality or Fantasy? Believe it or not there’s something of a global movement happening with the goal to remove advertising billboards from our cities and urban areas. First it was São Paulo, then Chennai, Grenoble, Tehran, Paris and now…

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