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Moët vending machine creates more instant brand moments

Moët & Chandon continues to flirt with their vending machines to extend the brand’s accessibility but does it cheapen the brand? The Moët vending machine has been making appearances in London bars and even Selfridges, now it’s popped up in a Vegas Hotel. You can now enjoy a Moët…

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How Social Media will become a major influence on the way people buy in 2017

Social Media has already transformed consumer expectations of brands There’s no denying the way people discover and buy things online has dramatically changed and continues to do-so. Only ten years ago we were talking about how online and Google were changing the way people buy.…

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Why Craft Brands are genuinely challenging the Goliaths

Is the age of the Goliath brand over? Author Ben Zifkin’s book The Rise of the Craft Brand, set’s out a compelling case for why smaller, craft-focused brands are set to become a force in the changing world of commerce. The world of brands and…

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Is it time for Brands to revisit Augmented Reality?

Today’s post is an article written by Brandhook, good friends of ours and the sharpest brand research and insights agency around. If you didn’t know what Augmented Reality (AR) was a couple of weeks ago, chances are you do now. After reading our blog last…

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The 4 critical numbers to understanding changing consumer behavior for brands

Customer Evolution – The Important Numbers for the Future of Retail Brands Recently I attended a presentation on Global Trends in Retail put on by PWC. One of the speakers was Dr Violet Lazarevic from Monash Business Schools ‘Australian Consumer, Retail, and Services’ Research Unit…

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The big news on influencer marketing is; think small

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to share your brand’s message with a targeted audience. One of the strongest marketing trends to emerge in recent times is influencer marketing, which involves recruiting influential social media people to promote you through their blogs, Youtube channels and…

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Veganz Vegan Supermarket – The Engaging Power of Brand Focus

How Brand Focus can be the best Brand Strategy One of the most powerful truisms of branding is; ‘You can’t be all things to all people’. Yet when we think about the supermarket category, and even the innovations in this space of convenience stores, mini-supermarkets…

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IKEA Chief believes we have reached ‘Peak Stuff’ – What does that mean for consumer brands?

Has the West has reached it’s peak of Consumerism? During a recent interview with NPR in the US, IKEA’s Global Chief Sustainability Officer, Steve Howard opined: “If you look at things like oil–well, actually, oil sales have peaked in the U.S. and Western Europe. Beef sales have pretty…

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What's on the Menu? The big Food Trends for 2013

Food Trends For FMCG & Retail Brands The Sterling-Rice Group in the US has tapped into their network of more than 100 world renowned chefs, restaurateurs and food experts to identify the top food trends we can expect to see on restaurant menus, in our quick…

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