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Rethinking what makes the world's greatest brand great

Have you ever wondered which is the world’s greatest brand? In this post I invite you to open your mind. What makes a great brand? Is it their logo, the visual language, the experience, revenues, products or their people – or all of these, and…

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Why the designer needs an EPS of the Logo

All Logos Files are Not Born Equal After recently explaining yet again why the jpeg of a logo, taken from the website, can’t be used for a brochure, I thought it might be useful, valuable and insightful for someone to write this down. So here…

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ANZ Bank Rebrand – A Super Regional Bank?

A Super Regional Bank? ANZ announced late last year that it had an aspiration to become a “Super Regional Bank” and at the same time announced a new brand, logo and visual language to be rolled out progressively over the next two years. The Asia…

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