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New Tourism Australia Ad – A Smart & Stunning Piece of Place Branding

Creating an ad to capture the spirit of a place is one hell of a task. Only slightly easier than creating the overarching place brand. Having worked on more than a few place branding projects, I fully comprehend the challenge of competing attributes and stakeholders.…

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The NZ flag debate: Creating a brandmark for New Zealand

New Zealand is currently in the process of deciding whether to adopt a new flag. I’ve been watching the debate with interest and I’m surprised that there is resistance amongst the Kiwis and a large number of people are not ready for a change. What…

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Victoria's new brand identity fails to deliver the best of anything

Will Victoria’s New Brand Identity Hit The Mark? Victorian Premier Dan Andrews today released a new brand mark for Victoria with a matching sister mark for Melbourne. Mr Andrews told the media; “The new Brand Victoria and Brand Melbourne will replace a patchwork of confusing…

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How Global Blanding is damaging our Spirit of Place

Where has all the beautiful signage design gone? On a stunning Melbourne Saturday morning I was lucky enough to be going for a run around our Botanical Gardens when I was struck by an old, hand painted sign designating a footpath as for ‘Pedestrian Use…

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Brand Australia, yes we can.

Business Council of Australia makes sense. Yes, Brand Australia is a hobbyhorse of mine (see links below). It is one brand that we all have a vested interest in building.

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Place Branding – Sweden's New Brand Identity

Last week the government of Sweden unveiled a new brand identity for the country to combine the Swedish ministries, agencies, and businesses under a single unified look. As you can imagine, the re-branding of a country is not an everyday occurrence and represents possibly the…

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Personal Brand with Passion

On the weekend we were presenting on Personal Branding at the annual Tennis Australia’s Coaches conference. It is a topic that always creates a strong level of creative tension because by definition it brings into focus the question of where an individual’s true passion and…

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Docklands needs more then marketing – Our December article for The Melbourne Review

Place Branding ≠ Place making The news that 15 restaurants at Melbourne Docklands, or 40%, have closed their doors in the past 10 months brings into stark focus the challenges associated with place branding endeavors. Importantly, it is a reminder that place branding will only…

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