3 Hot Social Media Tips That Every Brand Should Live By

If your brand isn’t already on social media, you probably should be. But before you create pages on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and you name it, assess which platform suits, not only you and your product but also your target audience. That you need to be on EVERY social media platform is a myth, and each platform is good at different things. Choose only the ones that serve your purpose in the best possible way.

We, at Truly Deeply, have developed a quick, easy 3-step guide to the most central, fundamentals of social media for 2017. If you follow the 3 steps, it can’t go completely wrong. Good luck!

Social Media for dummies

  1. Be responsive
    It is vital that your social media presence is a priority in your business. You will need to post and you will need to do this on a regular basis so that your audience will stay interested. People will eventually leave the cinema if your feature stops playing. And even worse, if the feature is crap the audience won’t just leave, they will also rate the experience badly, share their view and suddenly, the social side of social media bites your butt!
    Not only do you need to post consistently, you will need to respond to comments, tags, private messages and so on. People will expect your presence and that there is a human behind the account. If you can’t invest your time in this, social media is not for you. Be that human, be responsive.
  1. Create (unique) content
    Social Media is drowning in content, so please don’t just add to the pile. Find your uniqueness. It can be in your tone of voice, edgy visuals, outstanding customer service, conversation starters, storytelling and so on. Create content that is meaningful to your audience and look around. What is already out there? What can you do differently? How can you learn from your competitors and your peers? What is working in the market, what is definitely not…
  1. Engage
    Get to know your audience, as they are the key to your success on every platform you choose to tread. It is not just enough to speak to them through content they might like. Real social media success happens when audiences connect with each other, with you and your brand. Be a conversation starter. Thank your followers with a like, a follow back or even a repost. There is nothing more valuable than a recommendation from a friend, so if your audiences post pictures of your product… this is a big deal. Award it! Even the small contributions. You can’t get better feedback or advertising than that. And you know what they say little strokes fell great oaks.


Louis Larsen – Brand Strategy Intern

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