Redefining Bang & Olufsen’s Target Audience

New Campaign, New Audience

Danish electronics company Bang & Olufsen (B&O) has recently released a new campaign to launch their product range B&O Play. It’s not just interesting because it’s new and beautiful, but because the company is targeting new audiences, a young clientele.

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B&O produces premium products at a very high price range. Everything from televisions to surround-sound systems. Until now, B&O products have been highly targeted to the design conscious, well sorted and quality oriented consumer. The timeless design and the price point has tapped into an older audience, as the younger more contemporary consumer might not have the taste and the funds to shop a pricey B&O product. Until now.

With B&O Play, prices are lowered, even though the products are still significantly at the top of the category. But what it seems like B&O has understood, is that the young audience does in-fact have the capital (and urge) to be a part of the brand.

Not only does the young audience have more money to spend on electronics, but they also have the curiosity and eagerness to express themselves through everything they do, wear and associate themselves with. And they will do it at any cost, whether it is a B&O speaker or a pair of Yeezy sneakers. If B&O can be that player, without compromising on values and the existing audience, the company can capitalise big on this opportunity.

A big part of using this opportunity right is simply to be interested. It is that simple. Be understanding of your audience. Ask; what are they looking for in the category and how can your brand move into this space?

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If B&O created an everyday product line of their regular products but in lower quality and at a lower price point, it would go against their values of being outstanding performers and designing classical pieces.

Instead, B&O develops new products that match what the young audience is looking for. Small portable speakers to bring to the beach, in-ear headphones for everyday use and cool, professional over-ears for the music creators of the next generation.

B&O doesn’t sacrifice, but scales down in equipment and technicalities to, meaningfully reach a lower price point and a new audience. The design is still timeless however the colours are very contemporary with the use of rose gold, space grey etc.

Mirroring Visuals

The most interesting thing about the campaign and the reason why I am writing this blog post are the visuals.

Through the visuals, B&O is creating a soft, stylish, Scandinavian feel in a very young and experimental environment. They use young models, almost children, to mirror their audience. The models, male and female, are styled alike and the company partake in a unisex trend that is playing out in the younger audience quite heavily, and the outcome is powerful.

I think it is powerful because it connects the audience with the product, style and brand. To use visuals that mirror an audience so well, in both mind and appearance, can change the perception of the brand – from something the audience can only aspire to have or be a part of (which often can be a very strong drive) to a more like-minded and equal approach, where the audience in included in the campaign message and the brand personality. I imagine that can awaken an even stronger drive to wish for, purchase the product, or simply engage in the B&O brand.

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Louis Larsen Brand Strategy Intern

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  1. It’s always a risk re-positioning part of your brand for a new consumer. B&O, an aspiration and niche brand, has been smart and measured in how they have done this. You don’t want to dilute the values associated with that brand to begin with: quality, slick design, uber-cool. I agree with you, I think the visuals are on point and a crucial part in getting this right. (And down-right gorgeous.) This new market could build brand loyalty into the future. Today’s young customer buying the entry-level product, will be the main brand demographic in 10-20 years. Smart.

    • Louis Larsen

      Thank you so much for your comment, Ezra Hansen.
      You are totally right – the brand demographic will change and B&O is smart in not letting the next generations slip away from them. The solution is indeed stylish, and what I also hear you say is; that it is true to its core. A key element in why this campaign is successful. Being true to yourself, your values and your loyal followers are so important when repositioning and targeting new audiences, as this will keep the connection between your brand and actions unite.

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