Black Swan – A richly unique brand experience

3 Black Swans

Cork + philosophical thought – Boring = RUBE (richly, unique brand experience).

Black Swan Wines have come-up with a great example of creating a unique (and relevant) brand experience. Identifying the cork in their wine bottles as a ‘blank canvas’, Black Swan sought to create a B2D (bottle to drinker) connection through a communication that represented the philosophy, personality and ethos of the brand.

Working with Craig Damrauer, who wrote the book; ‘New Math: Equations for Living.’ Craig Damrauer is a writer and artist whose work plays with abbreviated ways of seeing the things that are common to every-day life – his work is the typographic equivalent of Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can.
The brand managers at Black Swan made a connection between the humour and intellect of Damrauer’s work and the brand proposition of their wine. They worked with Damrauer to create four new equations especially for the corks of Black Swan wine.

The result is a personality-filled reward for opening a bottle of Black Swan – Cheers to that.



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