A Wicked way to travel!


Hindsight is a funny thing. Travelling thousands of miles by road is not a new idea – campervan hire has been around for decades.

However, a campervan hire company that caters specifically to the backpacker market – under 30’s – is a new concept, and in hindsight, common sense. Wicked Campers, established in 2005, does just that. They do not skimp on safety, equipment or van fittings; the experience at Wicked is as much visual as it is made to feel fun. They have made something uncool, really cool!

Originating in Australia, and now in New Zealand, Wicked offer the option of 4 levels of vans/comfort and also have a sell/buyback scheme in place – offering 6 months warranty, rego, roadside assistance, 3rd party insurance and guaranteed buyback. There pricing is competitive for their target market and makes it a very affordable, fun way of travelling. And those travelling in Wicked vans feel like they are part of a family – drivers toot when they pass another one, they often arrange ‘meet places’ for as many vans to arrive in one place at a time – they seem to all have the same way of thinking, and an unspoken understanding.

And what makes them really different? Well if you have seen one, you would totally understand! The first van I ever saw, I thought was a run down, graffiti covered van that someone had discarded in a car park. The only thing that made it not looked ‘dumped’ was that it still had tyres and the windows were not smashed. I then saw another, and another…..I decided to check it out. I was impressed. If you buy a van, you can create your own design and as part of the cost, Wicked will spray it for you. Everything from TV characters or funny slogans – they are very distinct. No 2 are the same.

And they have thought of everything to cater for their market; in some cases, even the kitchen sink. Wicked Campers offer the entire package, they don’t just stop with the van. They offer  vans from the basic campervan no air conditioning to hi level 4WD Outback campers as well as equipment such as fishing rods and surf boards. They also keep a calendar of national key festivals and events – and for convenience have offices nationally.

Wicked has definitely tapped into an untouched area of the ‘by road’ travellers market, and created an Australian experience for travellers that no other country comes close to offering (that thought is personal). Eveyone wins; Wicked, our backpacking visitors and Australia – Wicked have created an entire brand experience.



  1. Hey, Leanne from Wicked here. Loved the posting, its great to hear nice feedback about our brand (we get in a bit of trouble with our sayings and paint jobs)! That Jims Brazilian van is a classic…

    The company has really grown within the last 3 years with over 900 vans around Australia, 300 in NZ + Mr Wicked recently opened up depots in Thailand and Chile! Its a really fun company to work for – we’ve recently introduced the “Michael Jackson” special – moonwalk into any of our depots dressed as Michael Jackson to get your first day for free. Hilarious!

    Once again, thanks for the post, we appreciate your feedback! have a good wknd 🙂

  2. I’ve always thought the Wicked brand stood out. Firstly it seems to hit it’s target market fair in the forehead, and secondly it just stands-out. As a designer of brands I know how hard it is to create truly unique visual language that’s also on brand. These guys do it all so intuitively. Great work.

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