Brand Ink – The Ultimate Gesture of Brand Loyalty


There is possibly no greater display of brand obsession than choosing to tattoo your body with a brand mark. Turning yourself into a human billboard must represent the highest level of personal/brand association.

So which brands command such a degree of intimacy, of personal identification and adulation that ‘users’ are willing to tattoo their brand imagery to their bodies? Martin Lindstrom lists the top ten in his book BRAND sense:

01. Harley-Davidson : where 18.9% of users would tattoo the brand on their body (Top Left)
02. Disney (14.8%)
03. Coke (7.7%)
04. Google (6.6%)
05. Pepsi (6.1%)
06. Rolex (5.6%)
07. Nike (4.6%)
08. Adidas (3.1%)
09. Absolut (2.6%)
10. Nintendo (1.5%)

George Reiger (Top Right) can’t get enough Disney in his life. George is known as the Disney Tattoo Guy and he’s earned that title with more than 1,500 Disney tattoos. In addition to inking his body with Disney characters, George custom built a Disney house that contains over 19,000 Disney items.  George has already spent more than $1 million on his Disney love. “The bottom line is it makes me happy,” said Reiger, 51, a postal worker in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, who has been married six times. “Wives come and go, kids come and go, but Disney is always going to be there for me.”

Brand Ink 01

In 2007 Dunlop, North America offered a free set of four tires for anyone willing to tattoo the Dunlop logo or tread pattern for life. The tattoos were a huge hit with line starting at 8:00 a.m. and the 20 available spots snapped-up within five minutes.

All brands set-out with the same desire to build emotional connections with the people most crucial to their success. Brands with sticky emotional connectivity consistently leverage greater margins and attract greater customer loyalty than their blander competitors, no-matter which market they operate in. This level of brand obsession is displayed as loyalty beyond reason. Some brands have a product or service more easily connected to emotion (think fashion, music, food, etc.). Some brands have canvasses more suited to making emotional connections (think retail environments, or brandscapes, catwalks, etc.). Whether the path is easy or hard for you and you brand, there can be no reason to not aim for iconic status.

As Michelangelo put it:
The greatest danger
For most of us
Is not that our aim is too high
And we miss it,
But that it is
Too low
And we reach it.



    • Hi Louise, I’m afraid I’m not sure about the source of these statistics. I found the stats so long ago. However, if you Google the subject you’ll find there’s a bit of research on this extreme end of brand loyalty available on the net.

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