Get Ripped

Get Ripped

HP recently ran a memorable guerilla campaign created for them by Publicis Malaysia for their high quality photo paper. Like all great campaigns – guerilla or otherwise – the creative brilliance is laser honed to the product proposition – HP produce high quality photo paper that in their words gives ‘true to life image quality’. Publicis created a series of stand-up posters that looked like a hole caused by someone walking through a huge sheet of paper. The posters were strategically placed in a variety of locations to create the optical illusion of real-life being printed on an enormous sheet of paper – blurring the line between what is real and what looks real to their eyes.

Get Ripped

With every effective guerilla campaign, the cost and effort provide and exponential return through generated public interest and media coverage. Given the punch that guerilla can pack, It is surprising that it is not considered a key component of any integrated brand campaign. But the real value in this campaign is the unique level of engagement that it creates with those who experience it. This heightened engagement rarely occurs without the dimensions of discovery and involvement, dimensions almost impossible to capture through traditional advertising mediums. And it is from this new level of engagement and relationship that the impetus for ‘Status Stories’ is borne.

‘Status Stories’ play a similar role to physical status symbols – they have begun to replace the more visible, traditional symbols of status with stories, passed from consumer to consumer based upon the unique, on-brand, personal experiences they’ve had. ‘Status Stories’ are set to become increasingly important to brands as they seek to remain relevant, valued and loved by consumers who less and less are relying on the cues of mass media for their brand relationships.

As engaging brand experiences go – this one is a ripper.


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