Google Heaven


Ever wonder what your best working environment would look like?

Would it include a slide, a games room, a ‘chill-out’ aquarium and plenty of free food, pool tables, posh lounges, massage areas and relaxing hammocks with a view. Meeting ‘pods’ in the style of Swiss chalets and igloos, fireman poles to allow easy access between floors and a slide to ensure that people can get to the cafeteria as quickly as possible are all part of a design of its new European engineering headquarters in Zurich Switzerland.

The office is a showcase for Google’s unconventional approach to business. They have produced a office space that reflects googles variety of experiences/interaction. By providing a brand space of this magnitude to the empolyees of Google in Zurich, Google is cementing their own brand values into the employees every day interactions which in turn reflects in the work that is completed their. By designing the brand values into the building, the employees in turn are passing that attitude onto their clients.






You can get a downloadable pdf of the office space via swissmiss.


  1. What a place to work. When it comes to employee branding, Google has nailed creating the ideal environment to work in. It appears to have got a heap of coverage as well – branding working even harder.

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