High Powered Environmental Branding

This Japanese electricity company from Nagoya recently integrated their brand communications campaign into the main entrance of their centrally-located headquarters. This high impact, highly creative environmental branding exercise utilises a mosaic of coloured power points to reinforce their brand proposition and market position. The scale of the visual allows viewers to discover that what looks like a coloured pattern has another dimension, and that this dimension tells a playful story. The sheer personality of this brand experience dynamically and immediately differentiates this utilities company from the pack. In an industry such as utilities with very little real differentiation, an engaging brand personality is an under-utilised and undervalued asset. The sense of discovery combined with an engaging personality turns a a typically neutral corporate office entry into a powerful, hard working brand experience. Pictured above is the main entrance windows, a detail shot of the coloured power points, and an associated press add.

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