Like a Sex Machine…

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We often talk about memorable brand experiences not having to cost the earth. This was well and truly demonstrated recently by the ‘Erotika Sexy Shop’ in Milan who attracted all kinds of interest with a low-budget guerilla marketing idea. Parked in the street outside their store was a car which appeared to be doubling as an orgy on wheels. Pedestrians and passing drivers alike were greeted by the sight of bare buttocks and faces in the throws of orgasmic excitement pressed against the car’s windows. On the side of the car was a sticker with the name of the store and the headline;

Window Display 2

The Sex Machine campaign incorporated a number of elements that combined to create an engaging and memorable brand connection.
Those elements included:

  • Suprise – A most unexpected sight
  • Humour – Cheeky, risqué, on the edge, call it what you like, but definitely amusing.
  • Immediacy – You get it, you turn around and there’s the Sexy Shop.
  • Buzz – tell me if you walked past this on the way to work you wouldn’t want to tell everyone about it, and most importantly –
  • IT WAS ON BRAND – If you found the ad completely unappealing – I’d suggest you’re not the Sexy Shop’s target market.

The impact, the relevance, the pure talkability of the execution of this idea adds-up to what we’d call a Bold Brand Gesture.



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