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For anyone who missed this – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

New York boy locks eyes with beautiful girl on the Subway.Train pulls into a station, doors open and she’s lost in the crowd forever, end of story…or would have been if the boy wasn’t Patrick Moberg, love-lost citizen of the web 2.0 world.

Moberg created a web site; www.nygirlofmydreams.com, and with a brief description and hand drawn sketch, through his metaphoric love note in a bottle into the ocean of the world-wide-web. The result was tens of thousands of hits to his site, word-of-mouth spread like wildfire, the girl of his dreams was found (Camille Hayton from Melbourne Australia), and a whirlwind of publicity and fame that put Paris and Britney in the shade for days.

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How? Why? What?
What Moberg tapped-into was a heady concoction of ingredients that made his story compelling beyond reason. The same ingredients marketers endlessly seek to build into their brands and their brand’s stories. How did Moberg achieve so effortlessly that which is so hard to create intentionally? Moberg’s story contained unequal parts of:

  • Love – real love, not manufactured love. Who but a hopeless, helpless boy in love would turn to the internet to search-out his muse?
  • Honest – Love is the most honest of emotions, when we see it laid-out in all it’s innocence we cannot help but be drawn into its orbit,
  • Real – we love real drama beyond all else. Real brands, reality TV, real people – especially when their reality is so much more aspirational,
  • Voyeurism – Come-on, honestly, who doesn’t love the opportunity to peek into the most intimate corner of someone else’s life?
  • Hope – a positive frame of mind that has kept us all going through our own life’s lows, we love seeing it in someone else.
  • Community – The desire to be part of the story, to help bring true love together is only slightly stronger than the desire to at least look at this site and be one of the people who knows all about the greatest love story of our week.


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