Once in a lifetime


‘Once in a lifetime’ – I love it. Once in a lifetime anything is great, I read those words and I’m hooked. They’re like a magic mantra reserved for only those things that we are so passionate about, so obsessed-by that we could only possibly hope to do them once in a lifetime. And obsessed is probably the perfect word for this guy. Wayne Scullino has got to just about be the biggest Green Bay Packers fan in the world.

Wayne is from Sydney in Australia, but that doesn’t keep him from being obsessed with the Green Bay Packers in North America’s NFL. Wayne describes his behaviour as “a 15 year old dream being fulfilled despite all rational thinking”. Wayne Scullino has given-up his job, sold his house and moved his family 45,000 kms to Green Bay Wisconsin to experience a Green Bay Packers season in the flesh.

As an indication of the personal sacrifices Wayne is prepared to make in order to live his dream, when the Scullino family return to Sydney, Australia in 2008, with no house to return to, Wayne will be moving-in with his in-laws. If  brand obsession is about loyalty beyond reason – my vote is for Wayne Scullino, the King of brand obsession.



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