Swedish Swap Meet

swedish swap

Swedish furniture giant IKEA recently organised a ‘husselmarkt’, or swap meet for furniture at their Amsterdam store.

Best know for flogging flat-pack designer furniture, the husselmarkt invited 250 people to bring along second-hand furniture (IKEA or otherwise) to swap with other like-minded others. To sweeten the pot, IKEA also threw 12,000 Euro worth of their own furniture into the mix.

The event was part of an integrated marketing campaign that encourages customers to think like interior designers and re-create their living spaces with fresh furniture – loosely translated, husselen means to shuffle around. IKEA provided an on-line design tool that let users create their rooms complete with furniture, and then re-design the spaces on-screen. Any furniture that didn’t fit the new design was a candidate for the husselmarkt.

The swapping trend is taking-off around the world with groups meeting to swap everything from clothing and books to music and movies online and offline. Whilst encouraging furniture swapping may not seem a great move for a brand that makes its money by selling furniture, IKEA is keen to create a community of DIY interior designers, who spend their time creating and re-creating their nests – with a little flat-pack help every now and again.


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