The changing face of Pharmacy

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Ducking-up to the pharmacy for a pack of Panadol may never be the same again.

De Lairesse Apotheek in the Netherlands has completely re-defined the pharmacy experience through their paradigm shifting interior design. De Lairesse Apotheek pharmacist, Marjan Terpstra, specialises in natural and homeopathic medicine. When she took over the ground floor of a stolid 1920s brick building on Amsterdam’s tree-lined De Lairesse Street, Terpstra wanted to create a space with a sense of harmony between nature and retail.

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This brand experience as retail space does not just tip its hat to the values of Terpstra’s unique natural and homeopathic brand. The intelligent design of this amazing space includes a herb garden planted alongside the building and a broad tree trunk that appears to support the floating white counter. In a brilliant example of form combining with function, the tree trunk is hollowed-out to sheath a structural steel column. The floor is carpeted in a layer of photographic green ginko leaves, and curved and comfortable waiting benches that seem to say, ‘there’s no hurry, take a load-off and sit awhile’. The pharmacies products line the curved walls in 522 transparent drawers that span from floor-to-ceiling and glow with green backlighting. Another curved, glass cabinet screens the work area behind it and holds orders awaiting pick-up.

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The interior was designed by Dutch architectural firm Concrete, better known for their cafe, bar and restaurant work.

Not only does De Lairesse Apotheek create a simple and strong message that reflects the story of her brand and her unique market position, but Terpstra has also created an inviting retail space that is worlds away from the clinical, functional and pseudo friendly pharmacists found in every city the
world over.



  1. They have created a beautiful space.
    A natural space inside a healing tree. really like the detail on the “floating” desk. its very inviting, something to talk about.

    It’d be nice to see if they have extended this image/concept to all communication points. even staff badges and outfits.

    cheers JA

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