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Heeding the call of our times for truly inspirational design, design that makes your heart skip a beat and that touches you deeply, emblematic British  motor brand; Aston Martin and UK super architects; Foster + Partners jumped into bed to create a vision for the future of the iconic London double decker bus. Together they created a bus design that was as innovative functionally as it was visually.


Rendering by Nigel Young/Foster + Partners

Much more than just a pretty bumper, the new bus is powered by electric motors, which allow for a lower floor and better wheelchair accessibility. The motor is designed to be easily removed and replaced as technology improves in the future, and the glass roof floods the top deck with natural light whilst charging the batteries with integrated photovoltaics. Whilst we’ve no idea what integrated photovoltaics are, if they’re charging the batteries with sunlight – we love ‘em.

The design was in response to a competition run by Transport of London received around 700 entries. Winners are divided into two categories – ‘design’ and ‘imagine’

Whilst they shared first prize with bus and truck designer Capoco Design, we’d choose the Aston  Martin / Fosters + Partner design every day of the week. First prototypes for the new Buses could be gracing the winding streets of London as early as 2011.


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