Bentley trumps 'em all

I love simple and clever ads! When I first saw the BMW ad I thought, “yep that’s clever and simple” but this was just the start of a chain of ads that would follow all based around a similar theme – congratulating yet taking the piss out of their competitors through promoting themselves as a better brand of car. Audi’s response was, I think, a little weak yet surprisingly Subaru’s was rather witty and to the point making BMW and Audi look, putting it simply, like a boring beauty contest. Each of these three ads all have the common attributes – clever and witty copy along with your standard glitzy product shots. After digesting these ads I thought to myself, where to from here? Is this going to be one of those scenarios where we just go round and round in circles? Clearly not! Whilst all the hype and talk was about how clever these ads were Bentley just waited for the time to strike and came out of nowhere with what I’d have to say is one of the cleverest ads in a long time. In one foul swoop they nailed not only BMW, Audi and Subaru’s brand but I feel the rest of the car market. No copy or glitzy product shots were required, just their brandmark and a smug looking man sitting on a chesterfield couch (so on brand for Bentley) giving you the ‘bird’! Say no more – BENTLEY TRUMPED ‘EM ALL!!

Dominic Guthrie
Senior Account Director


  1. Seeing the ads together like this I’d agree with the article, but when would you see them together in real life? So when you see that bentley ad, and either haven’t seen the others or don’t realise it’s got anything to do with them, all you see is bentley giving their potential customers the finger. That seems like a hell of a risk to take

  2. i think the risk is Bentley lowering themselves to compete with cars like bmw, audi and subaru.

    i don’t think bentley’s consumers would think bentley is giving them the bird. in fact, i don’t think bentley’s consumers would even see the ad.

    the risk is by choosing to respond, bentley de facto puts itself into the same category as these other cars…

    it’s on the surface funny, but bentley shouldn’t have taken the bait

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