Kylie named Australia's Strongest Personal Brand

Talent Inc!‘s Personal Brand Survey Released.Kylie
Storm and Brand DNA in a Joint venture with entertainment management company Forum5 have developed a new personal branding consultancy; Talent Inc! Recently we combined our forces to put together a report on the strongest Australian personal brands. The report compiles the responses to the question; Which Australian has best developed their brand and their brand awareness?
The result is a list of people who have all been successful in defining who they are and what they stand for. What we discovered reinforced what we already knew to be true; having talent alone provides no guarantee of building a strong personal brand. Those with the strongest personal brands have clearly defined them, consciously built them over time, and consummately leveraged them to achieve the highest return possible for everything they do.

Kylie named at number one
Kylie Minogue came in first on the list with more than double the votes of second place getter Elle Macpherson. The top ten on the list were:
1. Kylie Minogue
2. Elle Macpherson
3. Shane Warne
4. Dame Edna Everage
5. Greg Norman
6. Steve Irwin
7. Hugh Jackman
8. Nicole Kidman
9. Kevin Rudd
10. Dick Smith

Here’s a word cloud we created of the top 100 strongest Australian personal brands showing the relative rankings of the list.


The media has picked-up the survey release and it’s starting to snowball. Channel 9 covered us this morning.


If you’re interested in developing your personal brand, give us a hoy.



  1. Mike, I have to say we were surprised by just how many more votes Kylie got in comparison to the rest of the field. But what I loved most about the results was how many non-celebrity people made the list including politicians, Chopper Reed and Ned Kelly.

  2. Arnold, there were a few surprises on the list. The biggest surprise for me though was just how many more votes Kylie got over the No.2 which was Elle. Somehow Kylie has managed to keep her Australian link, even though she’s lived overseas for years. That’s actually part of the underlying code of personal brand for these guys – we love an Aussie who has conquered the world – most of the top ten fit that category.
    Have you been to to see the whole list?
    Lots on there to surprise you further.

  3. . Never heard of a Stong?
    You’ve no doubt heard of ‘Save the whales’, Save the trees’, Save our planet’, well we’re on a mission to save the Rs – one at a time. We were hoping our r-less Strong would do a little bit for the cause.

  4. Arnold, a strong personal brand is one that combines a high degree of clarity with a high profile. Many high profile people don’t have a strong personal brand as they have failed to build a sense of association around their activities/actions over time, or have become discredited and cast aside. A strong personal brand is generally typified by many people all sharing the same view on what that person stands for, their values and their focus; ie. Kylie, fun, Aussie, singer, dancer, hot-pant, woman’s underwear, etc.
    Does that help?

  5. You’re welcome Arnold. Starts getting more interesting when you realise there’s an underlying code to building the personal brand. You look at the high profile people and begin to consider who’s leveraging their brand, who’s a natural, and who’s just plain crap at it.

  6. Mal, that’s a really interesting one. Typically when working with a brand we’d promote consistency – only changing an brand name when there was a significant shift in understanding of proposition to communicate. Yet Bowie/Ziggy and Madonna with her image have used dramatic transformation to remain fresh and relevant. I guess for both of those examples, being controversial was built into their brand DNA and gave them extreme license to do whatever they wished. Surf brand Mambo is probably another example of a brand that has the same license to go free-style with their branding.

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