Owning a mark – When a bracket is worth fighting for?

Yellow Tail_01

If you can’t beat em’, why not try and join em?

I flipped across this article from the weekends paper and found it quite interesting. Why? Because Casella Wines owners of wine label ‘Yellow Tail‘ has found it necessary to own the square bracket […] in the wine market and is willing to fight for it.

U.S Bronco Wines label ‘Down Under‘ while trying to position itself within the cheap wine market, has replicated the visual code of ‘Yellow Tail‘ for its brandmark. By replicating the iconic Australian ‘Yellow Tail‘ bracket, Bronco Wines ‘Down Under’ label positions itself as being very much Australian made and attempts to position itself by visual cues as a Australian label. The visual cues that ‘Down Under’ has “borrowed” to position itself shoulder to shoulder with ‘Yellow Tail’  are as followed:

1/ Square Brackets around wine label name
2/ Iconic Australian Animal on the label – Yellow Tail (Kangaroo) vs Down Under (Koala)
3/ Both wines come in high-shouldered bottles
4/ Australian-centric wording in connection with the sale of Australian wine

yellow vs down

‘Down Under’ sells for about $3, half the price of [yellow tail]. It is a touch too obvious to see who’s trying to undercut who. Casella Wines is putting its foot down, and so it should.

Tim Wood
Creative Genius


  1. Nice one Timmy! Interestingly Down Under has remained with a cork as opposed to the screw-top. Spot on Dave about the visual code, [Yellow Tail] you’d buy, well at least consider, whereas Down Under? Down Chunder!

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