Personal Brand – What is your brand worth?

On a recent trip to NYC I came across a guy who had decided that instead of begging for small change that he would be better off delivering customer value. For an investment of one dollar you had some one you could curse, someone devoted to your every desire to get what ever you needed of your chest. And if you were feeling particularly angry with the world, you could invest $50 and have the privilege of kicking this guy in the nuts, and he promised not to kick back. It was a very interesting value proposition, but what appealed to me most was the fact hat he actually had a value proposition, he had put a dollar figure to it and he had developed a communication strategy with his signs to communicate it.


So let me ask you. What is your personal brand value proposition, what is it worth and how do you communicate it? Personal branding is about taking responsibility for understanding and developing the things that are going to build your fame. What is that you wish to be known for in the hearts and minds of those stakeholders (employers/clients/media etc) that will ultimately determine the shape of your future from a career perspective?

Personal branding requires individuals to consciously make decisions about how they are going to differentiate themselves. What attributes will become their signature expressions of who they are, and how they offer value. What personality traits will define them and enhance their appeal to those they most wish to connect with.

One of the most profound changes of the last decade or so is that each person today is now the architect of their own career. You can no longer rely on a corporation to take care of you and accept responsibility for your long- term career success.

Having just witnessed the retrenchment of one of our clients, an amazingly loyal and long serving employee, from a very large and successful organisation, I was once again reminded of the fact we are all operating in a very dynamic talent market. And surprise surprise, there is only one person responsible for the value that you offer to that market.

‘You are the storyteller of your own life, and you can create your own legend or not’

Novelist Isabel Allende

If you don’t have dreams and work towards them, all you will get is someone else’s dreams and unfortunately some of those being handed out quite frankly suck!

Define your dream and then define your personal brand, as that will ultimately prove to be your
dream machine.

And of course you always have a fall back position – you can always become the go-to-cursing person in your home city. But make sure you do it better than the guy in NYC, as he told me he is thinking of franchising internationally!



  1. In the digital age, the good news is: personality counts and it has never been so easy to communicate your own talents and ideas throughout the world. The tough part though: what exactly is the relevant offer you can give to the listening world? And here the branding part kicks in. I just decided to focus my branding knowledge away from brands towards the most fascinating things on earth:personalities. Feels great to support inspiring people instead of “just” companies 😉 thx for sharing this.

  2. Warren Davies

    I wish I shared your confidence Pete.

    Perhaps the very reason this guy had to develop another ‘value proposition’ is because he couldn’t/wouldn’t tow the company line elsewhere.

    If you had a dollar for every company that truly valued original thinkers with a unique personal brand you still couldn’t afford to kick this guy in the nuts.

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