Brand Storytelling – A Love Triangle

There is more and more being written about the power of brand storytelling and compelling narratives. Even politicians are referring to the need to develop narratives that connect with voters. However, sometimes when you are working with clients on their brands you sense that they at times feel that it is too difficult to keep evolving a meaningful brand narrative, that they will run out of inspiration and ways to keep it interesting and engaging to their customers.

To all brand owners who may have such a mindset, I encourage you to take heart from one Mr Archie Andrews. Archie is the fictional character in the American comic book series that has been running since 1941. That is a long time to keep a fictional character alive and interesting. And trust me Archie is in the prime of his life, as is evidenced by the high media profile he has had in recent weeks.

Archie - Brand Storytelling

For those who missed it, Archie has decided to end his love triangle and choose between Betty and Veronica. Archie has chosen rich bitch over girl next door type. Archie has proposed to Veronica and by doing so has moved away from a plot that has provide Archie Comics with such an enduring narrative. Where to next? An affair down the track with Betty? Veronica leaving Archie and declaring her love for Betty?  The birth of Archie Junior? Who knows, but with the same creative genius that has kept Archie alive for close to seven decades, there is no reason why the narrative will not evolve.

jimmy possum - brand storytelling

The same goes for any brand, with some imagination, desire and authenticity you can create an engaging brand narrative. An interesting example is the Jimmy Possum furniture brand It has quirky owners who continue to evolve a brand narrative around their family (seven children gives lots of scope) and the way they see the world. A key property in their story telling revolves around the family portraits they have shot. Who else do you know who takes out a full page advertisement in the Age newspaper Good Weekend magazine telling the world that The Possum Family, Series Three is about to be shot. The advertisement says to ‘expect the unexpected, the unusual, the glamorous… all elements which have become… Jimmy Possum… the strong, passionate, high energy family business.’

Yes, they are putting it out there and they are evolving their story. Importantly they are creating a strong human element to the brand and as a result feeding an emotional connection with Jimmy Possum. You do not buy a piece of furniture, you buy a piece of the Possum family passion. A big difference. And not surprising they even have their own language. A VIP, you guessed it, a ‘very important possum’.

Untitled - brand storytelling

A family portrait about to be superseded!

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  1. Still a subject much underrated in the world of brands – a strong story is such a brand asset, especially for start-up and challenger brands. We all love a story. The Jimmy Possum family has long been one of my favorites – I’ll keep an eye out for the next edition portrait.

  2. Ditto Dave on keeping a look out for the portrait. I think a future blog should be on the merits of business owners having seven children, even if you do not wish to build a brand story around them, they surely provide cheap and loyal labour!

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