A Sneak Peek at the new Burger King Store Design

Battle of the Burger Giants
Global burger giant; Burger King are about to kick-off the process of overhauling the design of their 12,000 stores worldwide. Partly driven in response to the McDonalds global McCafe evolution, Burger King are looking to stay relevant with the times and with the every changing consumer by refreshing the look of their ‘restaurants’. Beginning in North America, the re-modelling  will take years before all of the Burger King locations are transformed. The first restaurants remodeled have reportedly seen sales climb about 12 to 15 percent, while restaurants that are torn down and completely rebuilt at the same location have seen sales climb by as much as 30 percent.

Burger King Store 1

A Burger King in Houston featuring the company’s new store design (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

New Style Burger Barns
The new interiors will feature interior design classics like rotating red flame chandeliers, brilliant TV-screen menus and industrial-inspired corrugated metal and brick walls. Burger King Chairman and CEO John Chidsey described the change as: “I’d call it more contemporary, edgy, futuristic…It feels so much more like an upscale restaurant.” Whilst this approach may be an immediate hit with Burger King’s most loyal customers – young men – there remains a flame-grilled question mark over whether the fast food brand is setting in place a strategic future direction as McDonalds have successfully done with their McCafe format and McHealthy menu overhaul, or a reactive, short term band-aid.

Burger King Store 2

Burger King Store 3

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  1. This was done by design firm here in Dayton, Ohio, Interbrand Design Group (if I remember correctly.) During my senior seminar course last year some of their designers came in and presented the redesign as a case study of their design process. It was interesting how they will be redesigning them all in order to target 20-35 year old males.

  2. Matthew, it’s always interesting to get an insight from the horses mouth. Often their is a brief or project constraint that is not obvious, but that drives the outcome. The 20-35 year old male focus is interesting in itself – do you think they’ve nailed it, particularly for the over 25 males and for all the non-US stores?

  3. Dominic, I’m personally not convinced their stores will appeal to a bread enough market. They look a little like a 20 yr-old jock’s frat party to me. The global trend for eating seems to be towards a variety of sophisticated offers. Then again, maybe time will show there’s a big market out there pining for this kind of blokey offer.

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