Brand Experience – Beamvertising Guerrilla Projections

A new avenue of advertising for Brands with urban charatcer, is the ‘Dynamic projection in movement’ by Lumina Motion, Santiago de Chile. Developed to bring buildings and structures to life by transmitting realism to video projections, the projections bring a unique brand experience for the spectators.

Lumina Motion surprise and impress through light, a key element of our culture that has amazed our kind since the beginning of times in all its shapes and forms.

Creatively bringing brands alive with a huge dose of strategic creative flair and imagination can differentiate a brand in its market. If you need some ideas on how your brand can do this, drop us a line.

Tim Wood
Creative Genius

[vimeo 6388409 nolink]

[vimeo 6703462 nolink]

[vimeo 5964583 nolink]

[vimeo 5056019 nolink]


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